Sex indulgence rampant at Matshekge

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BOBONONG: Last year Matshekge Senior Secondary school recorded 27 cases of female students who dropped out of school due to pregnancy.

The year 2014 was a bad year for the school as the issue of pregnancy had even resulted to poor form five results as the school was positioned at number 21 amongst all senior secondary school in Botswana.

Speaking during a Parents Teachers Association (PTA) meeting recently Matshekge school head, Mr Baboloki Bajiti noted that the issue of pregnancy still concerns them as currently from the month of January up to April twelve (12) student have already dropped out of because of pregnancy.

Mr Bajiti noted that pregnancy seems to become a natural anthem at the school and this is tarnishing the good name of the school.

Most of the girls are impregnated by the people who  do not  attend school and cases of school going girls being impregnated by their school mate are rare, he said. Moreover Mr Bajiti also added that smoking and alcohol consumption is also seen among students at the school because recently there were some student who were caught with motokwane at the school.

He said such students who smoke marijuana are very dangerous to teachers as recently one of them stabbed a teacher with something sharp on the head when he (teacher) was trying to discipline him.

He said those students were brought before the police to answer for such offence but meanwhile five parents were arrested for providing minors with motokwane.

Mr Bajiti also said recently nineteen (19) students from 5N class were caught red handed with alcohol and some of them showed signs of over drinking as they were behaving very badly.

Vandalism is also said to be rampant  at the school, he narrated.

He noted that a  lot of furniture has been vandalised and this has also caused equipment shortage at the school.

Mr Bajiti said some students bring cell phones into classes and they have a tendency of entering into dirty websites during class time to view pictures of naked people. “We also told student not to bring cell phones to school but still students are failing to comply with our regulations, he lamented. He said the issue of students bringing cellphones into school is one of the factors that encourages theft in the school.

He said recently one student stole a teacher’s cellphone just to take  selfies and  later returned the gadget. While navigating through the phone the teacher became amazed when she saw pictures of an unknown person on her phone.

Lamenting on the issue of motokwane was the Bobonong Assistant Police Commander Mr Michael Maphephu who promised the gathering  that plans to raid students who come to school with Motokwane are undergoing.

He said one of the strategies they are planning to use  is the sniffer dogs.

‘‘Matshekge is a boarding school but we suspect that they could be motokwane at the hostels and that’s why we are planning to use dogs to prove right our suspicions.’’ he said.

He said all what they are planning to do is not to tarnish the name of the school but rather to revive the good name the school used to have.

Report by Moses Moleboge

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