Saleshando's tender evidence


As promised at a recent meeting of Parliament held at Boipuso Hall, the Leader of Opposition (LoO), Dumelang Saleshando availed evidence of what in his view are politically-influenced tender allocations. 

The Maun West legislator has already deposed his evidence with the Speaker of the National Assembly, Phandu Skelemani. 

In a letter dated May 4, 2020, Saleshando said that he was aware that a company by the name Devot Sport (Pty) Ltd, was directly appointed to procure sanitisers by the Ministry of Land Management, Water and Sanitation Services.  

He also attached a copy of the savingram dated March 26, 2020 justifying the direct appointment.  

“I have been informed that this company is owned by a BDP councillor. The company does not appear on the CIPA online register, meaning that it may not be properly registered but qualifies for special tender allocations,” Saleshando said.

Companies and Intellectual Property Authority (CIPA)is mandated  to register businesses and protect intellectual property rights.  

Saleshando added that as the company does not appear on CIPA register, he was unable to provide the registered names of the shareholders and directors. He advised that the ministry should be able to provide further details on this procurement and how they selected Devot Sport. 

Saleshando also said Monteco Solutions (Pty) Ltd was awarded a tender for P13,747,360 for provision of ARVs without a competitive tender. He disclosed that one of the directors listed on the CIPA online register is Boitumelo Phadi Mmutele, who he was told she is a sister to President  Mokgweetsi Masisi.  

“The company was not successful when the tender was floated for a competitive bid. They appealed the decision and their appeal was dismissed, as reported on the PPADB website. However, the company still secured the tender,” Saleshando said. 

He added that the last meeting of Parliament, there have been reports of BDP councillors being awarded tenders by local authorities under which they serve.  

“The case of the Francistown mayor has been reported in the local media and it has been confirmed that his company has won a tender from the council.”  

Lastly, an informer that does not wish to have their identity disclosed has brought to Saleshando’s attention a case in which the government procured goods from China, part of which included goods delivered to the Minister of Finance and Economic Development, or a company he is associated with.  

“I urged the informer to report to DCEC and they have since confirmed that they have done so. I have decided to copy this letter to the Director General of the DCEC. If he so wishes, he will confirm if they are indeed handling a case of this nature.”

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