Khama Chides Relentless DIS


Four months after revealing to this publication that the Directorate of Intelligence and Security (DIS) was planning a raid, a search warrant has been issued bearing the names of former president Ian Khama and founding DIS boss Isaac Kgosi.

The properties in the court papers, guns, are stated as belonging to Kgosi and his wife, Jennifer with Khama listed as a correspondent alongside Kgosi and one Sehunelo Khunou. Khama told this publication then that he was told that the DIS would raid his property to search "bunkers filled with weapons". He believes it is absurd that they are only getting searched now as they could then have moved the weapons if they had them.

“If I had any unlicensed weapons, would I not have hidden them away by now because I have long known about their plan to plant weapons or give the public the impression I have unlicensed weapons? The DIS has been to the police to check what I have in their records. I know this. If I have known this as well it would have alerted me to hide anything I have which is unlicensed. I have not done so.

My security officers are DIS. Can I hide anything from them? This is just another attempt to falsely implicate me after they failed with the P100 billion fabrication. People know what is going on,” Khama reacted over the weekend. According to the court order issued by Gaborone High Court judge Chris Gabanagae on Thursday, the DIS is looking to recover the following properties from the trio: 12 gauge FN Herstal Shotgun; 30/06 Bruno Rifle; 12 gauge Browning; 9mm Sig Sauer Pistol; 308 Sauer Rifle; 50mm Desert Eagle Pistol; 12/76 & 30/06 Sig Sauer Blazer Combine; 9mm Jericho Pistol; 300 Roger Hawkeye Rifle; and 12 gauge Gladius Double Barrel. Some of the properties believed to have the listed weapons include spouses Kgosi and Jennifer's three houses in Gaborone, two houses in Phakalane, Sentlhane Farm in Mokolodi and another farm in Maboane. Efforts to reach Kgosi failed as his mobile phone was unavailable. Media reports indicated his phone was taken by the DIS during the raid of his properties on Saturday. DIS public relations officer Edward Robert said: “The matter borders on operational affairs and as always, we do not comment on those.

I, however, assure Batswana that whatever we do, it is according to the book. We are a creature of the law hence all our operations are guided by the law".

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