Khama Blasts Morupisi For 'Abusing Office'


PALAPYE: Permanent secretary to the President (PSP), Carter Morupisi has come under fire as former president Ian Khama blasted him for "abuse of office" last Saturday.

In his element, when addressing a massive political rally in Palapye last Saturday, Khama accused Morupisi of abusing his office to force a project intended for Lecheng to be taken to his Malaka village and in the vicinity of his house.

“PSP Morupisi used his office to force the Central District Council to take the culvert project to his village just because he is the PSP,” Khama told a Botswana Patriotic Party (BPF) rally. This is a project that helped in improving water drainage challenges during the rainy season across Lecheng. The former president told the rally that the frustrated Lecheng civic leader, Charles Mabjeng, informed him. Khama warned at the rally that once a joint BPF and the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) take over the reigns of power they will institute a commission of inquiry to take to task those who have broken the law. He emphasised that the possible wrongdoers will face the full might of the law without any abuse.

“We are definitely going to investigate abuse of office by the Masisi administration and people very close to him,” thundered Khama, who was apparently the darling of the masses.

Khama indicated many projects have been given to undeserving people just because they are friends of the powers that be.

He could not specify.

It will, therefore, be the project of the new joint government to uproot undesirables from the society. Reached for comment yesterday, Morupisi referred enquiries about the alleged abuse of office to the Palapye Administrative Authority’s (PAA) senior assistant council secretary.  Morupisi, however, indicated that the former president is totally misled in thinking that he abused his office to obtain any favour. PAA senior assistant council secretary, Lucky Maoto told The Monitor that the PSP was never involved in the decision that saw Malaka benefitting from the construction of a culvert.

“The fact of the matter is that, it’s not true.  The Malaka culvert project is just a simple one, which didn’t require a feasibility study and proper designs unlike the Lecheng one.”

Explaining circumstances that saw a culvert being constructed at Malaka ahead of Lecheng, Maoto indicated that, “what happened is that we had four Kwena Rocla culverts and we looked at Malaka and they were fitting the situation there as in Lecheng is more complex”.

He further explained that it’s unfortunate that whilst the road is for all to use and villagers stand to benefit from the culvert, they single out the PSP as the lone beneficiary.

“We were not acting on the instructions of the PSP, but the needs of the village,” emphasised Maoto.

Efforts to solicit comments from Lecheng/Malaka councillor, Mabjeng were futile at press time, as his mobile number was not available.

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