Khama bemoans Masisi, Morupisi 'abuse'


SEROWE: Former president Ian Khama has bemoaned incessant abuse at the hands of President Mokgweetsi Masisi and Permanent Secretary to the President (PSP) Carter Morupisi.

Khama told throngs of Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) diehards at the Lady Khama Hall recently that Morupisi, who has worked under him, has become a stooge and a lapdog of the current regime as he has become so vicious against him.

“I know Morupisi is eyeing to become a Specially Elected Member of Parliament (MP) sometimes at the end of the year after the general elections this year,” said Khama to thunderous noise from his supporters that had thronged the meeting in their hundreds.

He indicated that he has noted a pattern of negativity from Morupisi and attacks, which sometimes come just out of the blues as the PSP does all the dirty work for his master, Masisi.

Khama expressed shock that at a recent party event in Tlokweng, he found himself the target of Masisi who often speaks in tongues instead of directing any form of blame to him so that he can duly respond.

At the Tlokweng meeting, Khama claims that his former ally, Masisi suggested that he was sponsoring some two BDP politicians who have lost at the party’s Bulela Ditswe primaries to contest as independent candidates or mekoko as it is called in the vernacular.

The two politicians are Tshephang Mabaila, Khama’s blue-eyed boy and another unmentioned candidate in Serowe.

To Khama’s dismay, he has never even attempted to fund any politician and wondered what Masisi was achieving with such information.“Masisi had said that someone was sponsoring two independent candidates. Who is that someone; I know they say it’s me. I stand accused of an offence that I have never committed,” said Khama.

Distancing himself from the fresh accusations, Khama indicated that what is bedevilling the BDP today is a product of poor management of the party’s Bulela Ditswe primaries and not him.

“I left the BDP intact, united and peaceful but, now during the recent party primaries, tings started falling apart as the primaries were not conducted properly with many appeals,” he explained.

Khama indicated that he couldn’t be the one encouraging losers to go independent and finance them as purported.

To him, it is the conduct of Bulela Ditswe primaries that has propelled people to exercise their rights after the party under Masisi denied them a hearing.

“That is where lies the problem. At all times, the BDP should be bigger than any individual. The BDP is all of us and not an individual.”

He reminded his bashers that power in the BDP is in the hands of the people and that is the meaning of democracy.

Meanwhile, Khama was quick to state that he has chosen to support Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi for the party presidency in April as she promises to correct the wrongs already made by Masisi in just under a year as the state President and the party leader.

He highlighted issuance of tenders across the government and parastatal sectors to be the preserve of the chosen few excluding Batswana to benefit which was totally different during his presidency.

“It’s a pity that after taking over from me, Masisi’s government is only giving tenders for various works to the chosen few, which in my view amounts to corruption,” he said.

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