Court relaxes bail conditions in Nigerianís fraud case

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Broadhurst Magistrate, Babedi Mathumo, has ordered the relaxation of bail conditions slapped on a Nigerian man accused of defrauding First National Bank Botswana (FNBB) P2 million.

Yesterday, Mathumo said the accused, Chukwuma Ezekannagaha, should be allowed to report to the police twice a week instead of three times a day as was previously required. “I agree that the accused be entitled some of the relaxation on the bail conditions especially reporting himself to the police, it is so unfair for him to report three times every single day,” she said. Mathumo however said the condition that the accused be allowed to get his passport whenever he wanted it was too risky, adding that the condition was imposed for a reason. Mathumo explained that it was beyond her jurisdiction to order the release of the passport, adding that she wouldn’t give a directive order to the police.

“The order I am requested to make is too risky and I feel it is beyond me. I can only advice for a way forward regarding what to do with such application. It should be done with the police and there should be proper application done for the submission,” she said. 

Earlier, the accused’ attorney Paul Muzimo made an application for the relaxation of some of the bail conditions imposed on his client. Muzimo argued that the conditions were too stiff and cumbersome.  “My client has been reporting himself three times a day everyday which is really strenuous on both his part and the police.  He has also surrendered all his travel documents which is difficult for him as he runs several business that sometimes require him to make certain transactions or travel outside the country,” he explained.

 Prosecuting Officer, Paul Kgamanyane had also indicated to court that they had agreed on the relaxation of the bail conditions and would not object to the application so as not to prejudice both parties.

The return date will be on April 7, 2015, when an application and submissions will be made on the condition of allowing the accused to be given his passport when he needs it.

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