Churches exorcise deemons at primary school

BOROLONG: Various churches and villagers gathered at Borolong Primary School on Friday to exorcise evil spirits believed to have possessed a pupil.

The Monitor has learnt that the prayers were called after Standard six pupil was said to have been attacked by what parents and teachers believe to be dark forces of nature at the school on May 20. The incident forced the school management to call a sudden meeting between parents, teachers and members of the community in order to exorcise the suspected evil forces before they escalate. A resolution was thus taken at the meeting to call for the intervention of the churches.

On the said day, the pupil started acting strangely and drew horrific pictures on a piece of paper. The boy is said to have abruptly bolted out of the class and told his classmates and teacher that he was summoned by an invisible man to come out of the classroom. The sources said that the teacher and the boy’s classmates followed him before he ran out of the school. Welcoming parents on Friday, the chairperson of the Parents and Teachers Association (PTA) Gothusang Koontse said that they agreed to hold a prayer in order to chase away suspected evil spirits in the school.

Koontse called on churches present at the school to pray seriously in order to eliminate the suspected dark forces before the situation got worse. The chairperson of the Village Development Committee (VDC) John Mpofu said that the purpose of the prayer was to pray to God in order to protect the school management, teachers and students.

Mpofu warned that if the suspected evil spirits are not eliminated, they could wreck havoc in the school. A parent, Mogomotsi Oduetse urged those who have the powers to eliminate evil spirits to do so before they attacked other school children.

The churches were given permission to go inside each classroom to pray in order to chase away the suspected evil spirits.

At the end of the proceedings it was resolved that an all night prayer session should be held in the school to bless it.  When asked to comment on the on-goings at her school, the head teacher, Catherine Tshokolo would not citing the fact that she was not authorised by the ministry to speak to the media.

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