Gaongalelwe’s permanent makeup gives lasting beauty

Gaongalelwe’s permanent makeup gives lasting beauty
Gaongalelwe’s permanent makeup gives lasting beauty

Bonolo Gaongalelwe is a woman of many talents. This professional teacher decided to embark on being a full-time make-up artist and business owner. This multi-talented woman owns a nurturing beauty and cosmetic business dubbed Brows by Lala G.

The facility offers specifically permanent eyebrows services such as microblading and ombré powder. Microblading is a technique that is used to create hair strokes that mimic the natural looking effect of a lightly filled eyebrow. According to Gaongalelwe, this technique lasts up to one to three years, the procedure takes two hours and it is suitable for any dry and normal skin to avoid hair strokes migration when it is healed.

On the other hand, Ombré powder brows is a technique of creating eyebrows which give an individual a subtle and natural make-up or eyebrow pencil look, which looks darker at the tail and fades at the front.

She said it lasts up to two to five years where a touch up is required after three months.

The procedure takes approximately two hours and 30 minutes and the technique is suitable for all skin types and all ages. These are safe cosmetic procedures which have no short or long-term effects. Organic pigments are used to tint the eyebrows. Safety is also reassured, as there are no allergic reactions likely to be caused by these procedures.

The pigments naturally fade away hence the assurance for clients who worry about the permanency at a later stage. This permanent make-up is ideal because they save daily preparation time or when attending events and it makes financial sense to do these eyebrows because it is costly to keep buying make-up products. “This is a face lift, your eyebrows are the first thing someone spots on your face and having them perfectly spot on at all times is beautiful, boosts confidence and self esteem.

These eyebrows are not only a cosmetic solution. They are a rescue to clients dealing with frustrating medical conditions such as androgenic alopecia (hair loss condition). Reaching menopause can also cause hair loss; failure of re-growth of hair after chemotherapy as well as for those born with naturally sparse eyebrows,” she said. Furthermore, Gaongalelwe pointed out that she attended two weeks training for the two eyebrow techniques.

She said she trained in Johannesburg, South Africa. She added that in the 21st century, beauty and trends are at the forefront of today’s generation making her business in demand. She also said fleeking of eyebrows was the in-thing now but is not an easy thing to do. Moreover, she emphasised that looking good requires passion, time and patience. “I have immense love for beauty, self-care and looking good.

This also was a driving force for me to venture into this business. Batswana are still misinformed about these techniques since they are still newly introduced. We use social media platforms to educate Batswana and they have welcomed both microblading and ombré powder. They call it a rescue or a lifesaver. There is no need to now travel to our neighboring countries (South Africa) to access these services anymore. My clientele covers women of all ages but mostly between the ages of 3O to 50 years.

The quality of my work and my skills are distinct and unmatched. I give clients value for their money. Reasonable pricing is also is one of the reasons why I beat my competitors, the country and the world at large going through a pandemic,” she said.

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