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Venson-Moitoi supporters claim venue sabotage

SEROWE: The conveners of the botched Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi's meeting at the Lady Khama Memorial Hall in Serowe claim sabotage after they failed to secure the venue for the meeting.

Venson-Moitoi was expected to give feedback to her supporters on her journey to the Botswana Democratic Party’s Kang Congress. She withdrew from the party’s presidential race at the last minute in Kang claiming irregularities.

It was announced on Saturday during Ian Khama’s meeting at the Serowe showgrounds that Venson-Moitoi would be host a meeting at 2 pm on Wednesday at the Lady Khama Hall.

The organiser of the meeting, Ronald Mojakgomo suspected sabotage on the failure to secure the venue before a crowd that has turned out for the meeting. He announced the meeting was postponed indefinitely.

He said they made the announcement at the Khama meeting with the hope they would secure the venue after expressing interest on Friday.

On Monday morning when they were to secure the hall, they were told the Youth Development Fund (YDF) office had already booked had the facility until May 14.

He said they sensed sabotage when they tried sourcing another venue at the Serowe Teachers College where they were also turned down with what he claimed were unconvincing reasons.

They tried to pursue the booking at the Lady Khama hall on Tuesday and Wednesday morning but the authorities did not bend. When they finally gave up, there was no time but to wait for the people to come and break the disappointing news to them about the failure to secure venue.

Mojakgomo said Venson-Moitoi was in the village and prepared to address the people. He said there was no need to make an appearance at the hall since they could not secure the venue.

He said Venson-Moitoi has directed them to source another venue, and the meeting would be called again in the near future.

“We were entirely unconvinced because we

left the hall late in the afternoon and the hall was still vacant. The people that had booked the hall were not there. Now that we have learnt the hard way and we will find some open areas in the village that is free from government authority,” he said. Some public members that turned up for the meeting were disappointed at the developments. A man who identified himself only as Mokubung, who said he travelled all the way from Letlhakane, said he was keen to hear Venson-Moitoi clarifying issues he heard from the grapevine.

“I heard rumours that Mma Moitoi made peace with Masisi and I was looking forward to getting the news from the horse’s mouth. Now it’s a story if there are claims of sabotage. I will wait until they call us again and I will come back,” he said. Gofamodimo Tsotsopane of Palamaokuwe was seething with anger. “We can’t take this anymore. We want to hear our MP and they are closing us out of our hall. We have not voted for Masisi, and he has poured fuel into the fire,” he said.Tumo Seakgosing said he was disappointed that even the people that had booked the hall were nowhere to be found.

“I wonder why they would deny us the hall when we can clearly see there is no one here that is using it. Why would you book the hall and not use it,” he quipped.

One official at the Lady Khama hall who preferred anonymity said the administrator from the Venson-Moitoi’s office came on Monday to book the hall and was told the venue had been already booked and would only be available on May 15.




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