'The Witches Have Me,' Says Kopong Man

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KOPONG: Residents of Kopong, in the Kweneng District, were shocked last week when a casket-like box was removed from the ceiling of Maoto Kgowe's house.

A terrified-looking Kgowe revealed that prophets from a Tswapong-based church called Rama Church told him that he was being bewitched and he went to pray for him whereupon they walked to his home only to unearth evil looking objects.

"First they prayed for me. I spewed out a rock-size hairy thing. At home, they told me there is a 'coffin' on the ceiling of my house. Indeed, we found it, stashed inside the ceiling. It was the size of a face-brick. It was wrapped up with a red cloth and inside were hairy objects and small bottles with medicine," he said.

He also revealed that at the gate, the prophets dug out a rope made out of green and yellow wool, two bottles of medicine in his unfinished two and half house. Kgowe, a builder, revealed that he was shocked when later, the prophets took out two bottles of medicine from his toolbox.

"I was surprised because I use the tool box on a daily basis and I have never seen the bottles," he said.

According to the 59-year-old Kgowe he had problems in the past two years. His cars gave him a problem and many times they nearly killed him in very unusual accidents.

Once, driving his Stallion vehicle, his brakes suddenly failed when he tried to stop the car to avoid hitting a donkey and all of a sudden "a wheel jack flew out from under my car seat and flew past my face, missing my neck

by an inch only to knock out the door out of the car," he said.

His livestock is dwindling. His goats go missing. Others just die without cause and so far he has lost 15.

This, he says, explains why the evil- looking paraphernalia was found at his home. He was bewitched, he believes.

"I had nightmares almost every day. In the dreams, I saw faces of three people who are closely related to me. My relatives. When the praying session was conducted I contacted one of them to come and witness with the crowd what would be unearthed, but he did not turn up. Since that time they have never appeared here, not even in my dreams.

These prophets have helped me quite a lot," he said.

Prophet Kopano Ditshupo of Rama Church said that they met Kgowe through his daughter who had come for services at their church in Kopong. It was through her, he said, that they realised that her father is undergoing serious trouble and that his life was under threat from wizards bent on squeezing out his material possessions until they even killed him.

"This 'coffin' was created in such a way that he would lose all his property and at the end his life ebb away slowly until he dies completely.

When we met him, he was having a breathing problem but now after we removed those things and prayed for him, he has no health problems," he said.



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