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Thamane discovers there is nothing soft about softball

Thamane says he will focus on helping softball
When Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency (CEDA) boss, Thabo Thamane announced his intention to run for the softball presidency, there was spontaneous surprise. Sport has largely been regarded as a battleground for mudslinging, but he was prepared to juggle duties at his plush CEDA office and also get his hands dirty at the National Diamond. He spoke to Mmegi Sport Staffer, CALISTUS KOLANTSHO on his brief but challenging sojourn

Botswana Softball Association (BSA) president, Thabo Thamane shocked many when he announced his intention to contest for softball’s top position.

One of the country’s foremost corporate leaders, Thamane was never imagined as ideal for a sport leadership position, where ‘bloodless coups’ are the order of the day. He ascended to the presidency in May, and hardly three months into the position, the traditional daggers are already drawn.

Thamane is determined to keep his eyes on the ball, but it is a luxury hardly afforded in sports. While he has hit the ground running, he admits there are a few ‘trouble makers’ who would want to derail the train.

Despite, a motion of no confidence hanging over his head, he is not about to blink. Thamane, in an interview at his immaculate CEDA office at the Gaborone’s Central Business District he speaks of his new challenge, and how he hopes to push the sport forward.

“So far it has been challenging and rewarding at the same time. I have learnt new things that I did not expect. You expect people to rally behind you, not necessarily antagonise you,” states Thamane.

He says the National Executive Committee (NEC) has been supportive and urged the entire softball fraternity to rally behind him for a good cause.

“Even though the support is there for the NEC, we still have trouble makers who do not want to see the success of sport. Our view as a committee is to

go back to basics and start afresh,” he says.

Thamane points out that they are transforming, and by its nature, transformation means some things will be dropped and others absorbed. He says they will leave out certain things that were done in the past and (change) how they were done. He says the process would also introduce new ways. He adds there must be change of management and appreciates that some people embraced change.

“We cannot progress if we are not ready for change. A few individuals must not domesticate softball. I cannot own softball alone and (think that) in my absence it cannot progress. No!” he says.

Thamane notes that there are some people who see softball as their property and therefore, believe it cannot function in their absence. He says for him it is about teamwork.

Thamane says he is aware that some people are plotting to pass a motion of no confidence against him, admitting he had failed to achieve certain targets. “It is okay. If they want they can bring it on. If affiliates feel in the past four months, there has not been any success, they are free to say it,” he says.

Thamane reveals that so far they have completed the BSA strategy plan and it is ready to be shared with affiliates.

He reveals that when they took over, BSA’s audit had not been carried out but at the moment, it is almost complete.




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