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Moswaane accuses OP of unleashing DIS sleuths on him

FRANCISTOWN: Maverick Francistown-West legislator, Ignatius Moswaane has accused the Office of the President (OP) of unleashing the Directorate on Intelligence and Security Services (DIS) in his constituency to destabilise him.

Moswaane this week wrote to President Mokgweetsi Masisi complaining about the DIS sleuths that he says have been talking to his constituents to work against him ahead of the 2019 general elections.

In the letter, leaked to Mmegi, the  MP, states that he has lately been inundated with complaints from his constituents who have been approached by officers claiming they were on a mission sent by the OP.

“My constituents have been worried by officers coming from the OP promising to give them funds so that they can work against me and ensure that I lose both the party primary elections and the 2019 general elections,” Moswaane wrote. “My constituents were promised money in the range of P10, 000 and the officers promised to open accounts for those who would cooperate with them to bring me down,” decried Moswaane.

His constituents, he says were asked questions like, “If Moswaane is fired from the party can the constituents follow me”. He claims that it was common cause that the constituents demanded to know from the officers from the OP, why the party head honchos could not meet Moswaane and deal with the matter instead of the dirty work involving the DIS sleuths. “I got so worried when I learnt that the spy agents were insistent that they were on instructions from the powers-that-be from the OP to execute their mission,” Moswaane narrated his story. Last week, when President Masisi was at the Moselewapula ward campaigning at a by-election, Moswaane’s constituents were able to identify the DIS man who has been approaching them to work against their MP. He was escorting President Masisi.

“After the President’s departure, another equally worried woman came to me with similar complaints that she had been approached by officers claiming to be from the OP and sent on instructions to device means of ousting me from my position as the MP.”

Moswaane’s biggest sin according to his sources is that he doesn’t cooperate with the powers-that-be at the OP. “I have no doubt about the authenticity of the reports that I have been receiving of people deliberately raiding my constituency plotting my downfall. We have taken the pictures of this DIS sleuth and the motor vehicle he has been using around town,” claimed Moswaane. Moswaane has vowed to continue speaking for the people who have mandated him to Parliament and will never try to twist things to please anyone no matter what people could think.

The maverick MP has also claimed

that lately he has realised that he has been followed by strangers he believes to be members of the DIS as he is familiar with some of them.

“I am a bit worried that people have being employed to decampaign me and literally track me around. I now fear for my life and I have already employed people to provide me with security which I fear will not be sustainable.” In a letter that Moswaane has written to Masisi he complained, “of suspected use of security agents in my constituency particularly on political issues.

“Security agents in our constituency are politically aligned as they have contacted a number of people within the party structures, offering them money in return of plotting my downfall”. The letter further accuses the same security agents of meddling with Bulela Ditswe and this is destabillising the constituency.

In the letter, Moswaane further decries: “I would like to point out that I now fear for my life as reports of my demise have reached me. Our security agencies are in existence to serve and to protect us but it becomes a problem when they in turn make our lives very difficult”. Moswaane has also claimed in his letter that intruders in his constituency have been doing rounds around the Francistown-West constituency telling people to sign a petition that he must be removed from the party and the National Assembly. He has also requested the OP to investigate the matter into the misconduct of the security agencies thoroughly.

Claims of espionage in the BDP activities comes hardly a week after the party secretary general, Mpho Balopi had vehemently denied reports that the party president was using the DIS to spy on some errant party members.

“You know, what is happening is that we never had any complaints on the basis that party cadres are being spied upon on the basis of them being members of the BDP,” Balopi said just last week Thursday commenting on a pertinent matter. As for Moswaane’s complaints, BDP Francistown region chairperson, Baemedi Medupe proffered ignorance, stating that Moswaane has dealt directly with President Masisi and has not reported the matter to the party region. For his part government spokesperson Dr Jeff Ramsay said: "We are not aware of such letter as allegedly written to His Excellency. At any rate at this point, nosuch letter appears to have been received. We are furthermore not aware of DIS agents being assigned to trail the MP".




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