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Women's Power High Tea Event A Success

Thabo Mhlanga advised women to uplift each other during the annual Business Botswana Women's Power High Tea FILE PIC
Women across the different career fields hailed the annual Business Botswana Women's Power High Tea, which was held over the weekend under the theme ‘Be Empowered. Be a Rare Gem’.

The event served its mandate of inspiring participants with stories and advice from accomplished entrepreneurs like Botswana Insurance Holdings Limited (BIHL) board member Batsho Dambe-Groth, the seasoned motivational speaker Ntombi Setshwaelo, and mentor, life coach, personal development strategist Thabo Mhlanga.

The aim was to teach aspiring entrepreneurs about fundamental business skills, attitudes and discipline it takes to be an entrepreneur. On his part, Mhlanga emphasised the critical role that women play in the society highlighting that they are the sword of the nation.

“There are men in the society that we live in that are intimidated by successful and determined women, and it boils down to even become a challenge to them because they do not know how to handle these women,” he said.

Mhlanga advised women that it should not be a challenge to them because it surely means that the man cannot handle them. In addition he advised women in the corporate world to stand out and not fit in like the corporate world is channelled if they want to be successful.

“Women are very powerful and unlike men they have a clear vision of what they want to do and when. The major problem is when one of those dreams go wrong. They are not strong enough to pick up again as they let emotions overwhelm them,” he said.

He further noted that women

are the birth case of victory, advising them that all they need to do is to believe in themselves and the process in life because whatever one goes through it is a life teaching. He said for them to prosper, they need to learn to uplift each other, especially those who are still in the development stage and should learn to have patience, noting that many people are in the process of receiving but do not have the patience to wait for the blessing.

In addition he said that women do have the potential but mostly let fear and doubt shatter their dreams, as they also like getting advice from people who sometimes want to see them fall. 

“Little growth is still growth. There is no need for one to pressure themselves and compare their blessings with someone who is not even competing with them. People are afraid to fail alone, but it is okay to do so because some people give up at the finishing line,” he said.

The objective of the event was to emphasise women’s role in increasing and diversifying the economy of Botswana, highlight the challenges faced by women in business and how to overcome them, motivate entrepreneurial and aspiring women to develop their career and expand their knowledge and also served as a platform for women to network.




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