Constitutional crisis averted at karate

The new karate constitution will not affect the term of offices bearers
The Botswana Karate Association (BOKA) executive committee will complete its term despite a new constitution, which alters the tenure of office bearers, coming into effect.

BOKA affiliates assemble in Serowe tomorrow for an ordinary general meeting (OGM) and the new constitution is expected to be the main agenda item.

Speculation was rife that some affiliates might propose that the committee should step down and fresh elections be called, in accordance with the new document.

A member of the constitution review team, Sensei Thupa Thupa, however, told Mmegi Sport that “the review of the constitution does not delegalise what is currently legal.” He said the current constitution is the one that was used to call for the OGM and its terms apply.

“The affiliates are going to endorse the new constitution and abide by it. The new constitution does not nullify the mandate of the current committee,” he said.

Thupa said he could not say why there has been a delay in endorsing the new constitution. He said different presidents focus on different agenda items. He said three presidents, starting with Million Masumbika, Bathai and Mathe, shared the process. But JKA Shotokan chairperson, Karabo Samuel insists they are going to discuss how the new constitution affects the current leadership. He said the leadership is left with one year in office. “The current constitution gave them a two-year

term and the new constitution carries a four-year term. The new constitution cannot be implemented in halves but should take effect now,” he said. Samuel said the OGM would decide if the executive committee would be given a fresh mandate or be allowed to complete their term. He said he was not aware of any legal advice that would be presented to the affiliates regarding the constitution.

Meanwhile, Samuel said they want to be appraised on the progress of projects.

“We are interested in the president’s statement. What are his achievements because he introduced a lot of things within a short time? We want to know the progress made thus far,” Samuel said.

At the last meeting, former BOKA president, David Mathe said an agreement had been reached that the new constitution should be submitted to the Registrar of Societies.

“The document was submitted and stamped. Our job now is to endorse it,” he said.

The Serowe meeting is expected to endorse a new style as there was no objection at the last meeting.

 “The style existed before, but it just vanished. Its members have been idle but it is a good thing that it has been resuscitated,” he said.




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