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Escalating Love Relationships Disputes Worry Mochudi Police

Lovers used to be able to control anger or frustration and channel those feelings toward non-destructive outlet. But of late people have been exhibiting a frightening lack of control.

This is has resulted in the alarming cases of violent crimes such as murder which most of the times starts as disputes amongst lovers.

The upsurge in murder cases involving lovers worry Mochudi police. Commonly referred to as passion killings, the cases spiral out of control as people no longer value the sanctity of human life. There is however no passion in this heinous crime as usually men use things like knives to slay their partners.

In an interview with The Monitor, Mochudi police station superintendent Otsile Fani said most cases occur as a result of petty issues and insecurity amongst partners that could have been avoided if people could consider talking things out when troubled.

Fani said that last week on the early hours of Monday they received a report in which a woman aged 36 was stabbed with something sharp by a man alleged to be her partner. He said that the woman was certified dead by doctors on arrival at Deborah Relief Memorial (DRM) Hospital after the police rushed her there.

“The Mochudi woman was working as security officer and on night duty that fateful day at Boseja clinic  where she was attacked by a suspect aged 26 who stabbed her with something sharp. She was on duty with her male colleague when the incident occurred and managed to alert the police about the suspect’s attack,” Fani said.

He said that investigations into the matter are ongoing to establish what could have caused their misunderstand. 

Asked on allegations that the man was suspecting that his girlfriend was cheating him with her colleague and decided to stalk her at work Fani dismissed the allegations.

“I cannot comment on such allegations because I am not aware of them. What I know is that the deceased was

on night duty with her colleague,” Fani said.

However The Monitor heard through the grapevines that the deceased and her colleague had an love affair that the young man was aware of and had been complaining about it.

It is said he decided to stalk her after midnight. It is alleged that enraged with what he saw on arrival at her work place, the lad hacked both of them with an axe leaving the woman dead and her colleague badly injured and currently hospitalised.

Asked if the deceased’s colleague was also injured and hospitalised as alleged, Fani dismissed the allegations as false, stating that the man was unharmed as he was never hurt by the assailant.

Fani however raised concern of fights involving people in relationships that end up as murder in his policing area. He stated that this is the second incident this year in which a woman ended up dead after being involved in a misunderstanding with their partners.

He said that in January, a 25-year-old man also stabbed his girlfriend to death with something sharp and thereafter committed suicide.

He said then they received a call from a passerby who reported an incident in which a young man was hit and killed by a train at Pilane in the early hours, only to receive another report whilst at the scene that a young woman aged 27, a teacher at Linchwe Primary School, was found in a pool of blood.

“When investigating the two cases, we discovered that the two were lovers and both hailed from Mochudi village.

We are concerned by murder cases affecting people in love relationships. We do not know what could be the cause, but  er plead with partners to seek help when having problems in their relationships,” Fani said.




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