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Delivery At Your Doorstep

At times challenges open doors to opportunities that can empower one to become an entrepreneur. This is the observation of Boi Kgathi-Rubbmasen, the owner of Myfoodness mobile application (app).

The app accords consumers an opportunity to order food from a variety of cuisines across Gaborone at their own comfort and get them delivered wherever they want.

Kgathi-Rubbmasen says she realised that Botswana faces food industry challenges. 

Before setting up she did a study on the market to find out what it could be and how can that be addressed.

“As an innovative entrepreneur who always travel across Africa as well as Europe, I realised that Batswana just like with western countries are living a busy life, multi tasking which at times jeopardises the other important things.

 I then decided to start an app which would give locals a chance to order their food at their preferred restaurant online offering them convenience,” she said.

Currently Myfoodness app has about 30 restaurants offering different cuisines including Ethiopian, Asian, Brazilian, Tswana and are still uploading some. 

For a customer to access the service, they need to download the app and follow instructions of opening an account or ordering food at their preferred restaurant.

According to Kgathi-Rubbmasen, customers pay for the food and delivery online as they have embraced technology and

encourage cashless transactions.

“As technology is evolving, we want to embrace it as well for security reasons. Our transactions are cashless and the distance is calculated per kilometre,” she said.

“Surprisingly we do have people locally who still need education when it comes to that because they do not trust the cashless transactions.”

The determined Kgathi-Rubbmasen said that moving forward, they would soon include the informal sector, the small business entrepreneurs who sell food outdoors noting that their aim is to empower Batswana.

She said they have already started going out to make some selections as per their customers’ requests to find out which ones can be brought on board.

Just like any other business, she said they have experienced challenges, which they have worked on to improve service delivery as they take feedback seriously.

Furthermore, to ensure efficiency and convenience, they compile data every week and analyse it to find out what can be improved and how highlighting that they do have plans to expand and penetrate other markets beyond the country.

They also plan to expand categories on their app in the near future.




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