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Scribe Seizes Digital Window Of Opportunity

The age of digital comes with abundant opportunities waiting to be embraced and Lame Bogatsu is not one to miss such a window.

Putting her professional background to good use for an added advantage, Bogatsu has upskilled by opening a social media management company called ‘SocialIT’.

After working for five years as a journalist and two years as a public relations and marketing manager, Bogatsu said that she realised a gap in the industry and later decided to open a company that would be a bridge to address that.

“There is correlation between the two industries, having worked from telling stories to then selling business to consumers helped me realise the gap in the market as the new media is driving the business environment,” she said.

According to Bogatsu, through her b

usiness, she can help businesses build their market share and reach their desired goals through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter as well as Instagram. Her company, which was established early last year, currently manages social media for industries in the healthcare, hospitality, tourism and restaurants. She also helps them with content creation as well as marketing strategies.

She said that the road has not been easy even though the reception was welcoming noting that as a startup company it is not always easy because

most businesses need reference to trust one with their brand.

“As a startup company, it is not usually easy to penetrate the market and it takes a lot of effort to try and convince companies to trust you with their business,” she said.

Bogatsu said that there is a perception that social media is for certain industries, but she already has a diverse clientele list.

 They need to realise that social media can cut the long chain as it accords an opportunity to talk to clients directly and can help come up with solutions that can drive the business.

“This business is growing rapidly as a lot of businesses are embracing it, though there are still a few who are lagging behind, as they are failing to see its potential,” she said.

In addition, she called for forums that would help come up with solutions that could grow the industry and avail more opportunities for many young Batswana.

She said that forums could also help in empowering each other, as they would be sharing ideas.

Further, she encouraged businesses to use social media professionally and embrace the endless opportunities that exist within it.




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