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BNSC warns power-hungry leaders

Solly Reikeletseng
Sports associations in the country have been rocked by issues of maladministration in recent times and the regulatory body, the Botswana National Sport Commission (BNSC) has promised to deal accordingly with the culprits.

BNSC chairperson, Solly Reikeletseng urged national sports associations to refrain from internal disputes.

 “Some of these disputes had reached such alarming proportions that they had drawn public attention,” he told delegates at the BNSC’s annual general meeting on Tuesday.

He said this year alone the regulatory body has intervened and dealt with disputes in 11 associations. 

“These disputes more often arise out of lack of clarity, poor internal communication, failure to account on time for funds disbursed to you, even for decisions you make as leaders,” Reikeletseng stated.

Reikeletseng further reminded the sports bodies that the commission has powers to revoke their memberships if they fail to manage their affairs to the extent that they bring sport into disrepute.

He further said people are voted into positions due to their popularity as they can easily influence the voters rather than their capability to perform the given tasks.

“We have not yet set the standards of who can or cannot be voted into leadership positions in their various associations.  But we have often advised our affiliates to  look for certain attributes

before voting their leaders,” he said.

He, however, said some of the affiliates have started voting for responsible people, although the change is going at a snail’s pace.  Despite being the regulatory body, the BNSC cannot influence affiliates, but can only intervene where there are impeding issues.

The BNSC recently dissolved the Botswana Motor Sport (BMS) committee after investigations proved irregularities in the running of the association. The suspension of the committee brings an end to a two-year power struggle at the troubled association.  Recently the Botswana Tennis Association (BTA) has been rocked by divisions, with some affiliates looking to oust president Nelson Amanze. 

The BTA postponed their annual meeting, as they wanted to help clubs with compliance issues with Registrar of Societies.

Reikeletseng recently told Mmegi Sport that leaders serve their own interests rather than those of the associations.

“It’s a power issue, people are fighting for power in most of these association. They want their own interests rather than doing the job they are voted for. It worries us as the BNSC,” Reikeletseng said.




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