Molefhi Urges Traditional Doctors To Adopt Technology

Traditional doctor
PALAPYE: The Minister of Infrastructure, Science and Technology (MIST), Nonofo Molefhi has called upon traditional doctors to work hand in hand with scientists and medical doctors for better usage of traditional medicines.

Molefhi was addressing a kgotla meeting here following the commemoration of Science, Technology and Innovation week held recently.

He said that back in the days African countries used traditional medicines to heal people, which were later substituted by technology that gave birth to modern medication.

“But it is through this technology yet again that traditional health practitioners can collaborate with medical practitioners and scientists to ensure appropriate, safe and effective use of traditional medicine. However as a result of the level of mistrust that exists between the two health sectors, innovative strategies that would promote mutual-beneficial collaboration would be required,” he said.

He noted that many of the medications have some side effects, such as liver damage and others but the collaboration of the two through technology would ensure that such effects are concealed.

He said such collaboration would facilitate the assessment of the quality, safety and efficacy of the plant raw materials and the finished medical products.

Molefhi pointed out that the traditional healers here could take advantage of Botswana International University of Science & Technology (BIUST), which has all the facilities, top-notch experts and technology for research, which could pave the way for the collaboration.

“The government will support such initiative because at the end of the day we all want the best medication for our patients and increase our medical facilities,” he said.

He also appealed to the residents to use technology in empowering themselves. He outlined that most of the time when

people hear about technology they think its an impossible thing however these are things that they do and use every day, which only need to be wined in the right path.

He said they should use technology in transforming their traditional means of living and diversify the economy, which is where the rest of the world is. Molefhi also encouraged the students that graduated in technology industry to put their skills to use. He said they could form a group and seek financial help from the government to start a business and make projects, which could diversify the economy. He however said that even though technology is meant to transform lives it should as well be used wisely to avoid pollution which could be hazardous to people.

On their part residents showed enthusiasm towards technology appreciating the knowledge imparted by the minister and assuring him that they will start to be more open minded to technology.

Mosupi Kediretsi said that since many people in villages do not know much about technology workshops should be carried out to sensetise them as such they would be able to transform from being a mineral resource driven economy to a knowledge based economy.

Abel Dibolo appealed to the minister to do something about the use of firewood, which leads to increasing erosion as well as causing pollution.

He advised that alternatively those who are in the business of firewood could use coal from Morupule mine.




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