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Wheelchair bound man strives in business

Moilakgotla Senyega
A motivational saying, ‘It is impossible until it is done’ is indeed a thought to go by when it comes to 43-year-old Moilakgotla Senyega of Lobatse.

Senyega, who spends his life in a wheelchair, has not allowed circumstances to define him.  He is an inspiration to all young people living with disability and others who are not.  He was born without disability in 1974, but a chronic disease attacked him, rendering him bound to a wheelchair at the age of 15. However, he did all he could to defy the odds.

In 2007, Senyega started a cleaning service business, which specialises in cleaning public transport from mini-buses, buses to taxis. Despite his permanent condition, Senyega strove to achieve the best in himself when he started the business out of merely nothing.  His spot is one of the busiest carwashes in Lobatse and he employs at least three young people who he says he has been with since the inception of the business.  At this point in time, Senyega has managed to retain tens of loyal customers who have embraced the courage in him and kept giving him the mettle. 

“I was born an able man, but circumstances of life saw me end me up in this wheelchair.  It was a chronic disease at the age of 15, which impoverished me and my family as they spent all they had to retain my health.  I could neither eat nor bath as that was a mammoth challenge when I was growing up.  I was fully dependant on immediate relatives who could not manage the encumbrance.

Senyega said in 2007 his burning desire to put bread on the table spurred him on to start the business despite his physical challenges.


challenged myself that despite the odds, I am going to live to my potential.  I started a car-wash and my competitive advantage was that I specialised only in public transport vehicles.  It wasn’t easy when I started, but I thrived to get to where I am today,” he said. Notwithstanding the fact that his business is not doing well, he said he is hopeful that the future holds more positivity.

“I am hopeful that I will at some point reach a stable point.  I am running the business without modern equipment like rapid pressure pumps, commercial vacuum cleaners, but nowadays people want modern equipment.  Even though I have started this business as far back as 2007, I don’t have stable cashflow because I have to pay my employees and at the same time insure consistent running of the business.”

“I have a serious challenge of water right now.  I have four months without paying rent because I have not been able to make enough money due to consistent water shortages,” he added.

His dreams are gigantic, but he has the hope to carry on and reach them. “I want this business to go as far as the sky can limit me. 

I have a vision that within few years to come, this spot should be fully shaded.  I want to open a small restaurant here and ensure my customers’ comfort whilst they are watching their cars shine.  It is a dream, but I am hopeful that in the end I will have achieved all I am wishing for,” he said.




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