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Former Model Ventures Into Hair Business

Matilda Palaelo
Five years ago, she was part of the top beauty queens that were eyeing the Miss Botswana crown. The Borolong-born lanky beauty however fell short of the glory as another lass triumphed to be crowned the queen.

She however took with her from the pageant a business idea that she is optimistic will grow beyond limits. Today the former face of BTCL model, Matilda Pelaelo is a promising businesswoman. She currently owns a thriving hair and beauty business named Tilz Hair. She imports human hair from countries like China and re-sells to a growing number of clients.

Pelaelo said it was at the Miss Botswana episode where she realised a demand for the kind of hair she now sells. She said although the kind of products used at the pageant were expensive, beauty queens still bought them. Consequently, she said, her interest to supply the products gathered amazing pace.

Pelaelo, 26, harboured ambitions to start her own business at one point in her life. But all along she was clueless as to what business idea to pursue.

It was while working as an intern somewhere that she felt irritated of the workplace. Pelaelo, an accounts graduate from Botswana Accountancy College (BAC), grumbled that as interns, they were sent to do chores that were not necessarily in line with their profession.

“I hated having a boss. We were sent to make tea. I was really pissed off,” she emphasised with a hint of a sneer.

She confessed that although running a business is a challenge, it helps one grow and explore life. Pelaelo felt that when one is in business, they are

always active and forced to be up-to-date with new innovations.

“When one is working, they end up retiring, at times still broke” she said.

Pelaelo said she financed her hair and beauty venture from another supplies business she has interest in. She sells what she calls “100% human hair” to a variety of clients. Apart from beauty pageants and modelling events, she sells to individuals who just want to look good. She also makes money from graduations, weddings and other corporate events. The types of hair that she sells include Peruvian, Indian, Grade 7a and 8a.

Pelaelo said she was challenged by the high customs charges as she imports her hair. that, however did not dampen her spirits as she believes one day the governments of the concerned countries will relax the trade regulations.  She also appreciated the exposure she got from the recently held 2016 Youth Business Expo and for that she showered the minister of Youth, Sport and Culture, Thapelo Olopeng with gratitudes.

“At least for him, he doesn’t just talk, he does what he promises”, Pelaelo said of Olopeng. “He is striving to do the best for all,” she added. She said she hopes to also supply other related beauty products as the business grows. Apart from supplying the tresses, her business also does the grooming. They shampoo, tint, condition or bleach the hair, according to clients’ specifications.




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