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Commendable Effort By The Police

On Thursday night, at a car wash at Game City Mall, the Police descended on a suspect linked to the death of slain Fairgrounds Holdings CEO Michael Montshiwa and took the suspect away.

The speed with which the suspect was identified has been impressive. The manner in which the police also swooped on the suspect was superb.

Eyewitnesses talk of what appears to have been a deliberate plan and determination by the police to nab the suspect.

Before the suspect could know it the police helicopter was hovering over his head, tens of police cars were at the scene of the car wash to surprise him with their precision.

The police must have been tailing the suspect’s car for a while albeit discreetly. They must have been monitoring his every move albeit discreetly all this time.

The Police swooped on the suspect hardly four days since the brutal act of gun violence took place at Michael’s house in Block 7.

The gunshots that were heard that night seemed to have disturbed the peace and tranquillity of the neighbourhood as disturbed neighbours were

Facebooking in horror after hearing the gunshot at night.

Indeed the swift response will not only please Michael’s relatives but the Block 6 residents will also now live in the knowledge that perpetrators of acts of terror will not do as they like as if there is no law or law enforcers that care.

The latest action by the police is testimony and assurance that though perpetrators of cruel and brutal acts may run, they cant hide for long from our alert security agents.

We also hope that the courts of law also send out a strong message to perpetrators of terror and help allay fears that the courts seem to protect criminal elements especially in the name of legal technicality.

It is high time our courts also stand up and show they are equally concerned with violent criminal acts that threaten to destabilise our communities.




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