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Thamaga gang kill granny

The village of Thamaga is in mourning following the brutal gang attack caused the death of an elderly woman at her home in Kgosing ward. She died on Sunday morning after she succumed to the injuries.

The old woman and her daughter, Thonoko Ramotuana, sustained serious injuries after their house was raided by a group of men believed to be members of the notorious Marobisi gang.

Thonoko was admitted at Thamaga hospital while her mother was rushed to Princess Marina hospital in Gaborone where she died early on Sunday.

Her granddaughter, who was present at the time of the attack but was lucky to escape unharmed, Tshidiso Ramotuana told The Monitor that the attack took place just after midnight.

“I was woken up by a loud, banging sound on the door of the next room where my aunt, Thonoko was sleeping. I discovered that a group of men had invaded the house. She fought them but I remained in my room because I feared for my own life. She was screaming, but I was helpless and I thought they would come for me if I tried to alert the neighbors as there were many of them,” she said.

While still grappling with fear, Tshidiso heard her grandmother screaming in pain from another house.

“I was terrified. I realised the attackers had heavy tools because they were breaking windows, doors and everything,” she said as she tried to hold back tears.

Once the attackers had left, Tshidiso was shocked to discover that the gang had also raided three other nearby homes.

It is not clear what the motive might have been but the deceased’s grandson, Thabang Ramotuane, believes the gang might have been after him.

He told  Monitor

that upon return from a nearby bar, he saw a group of about 35 men in his yard, breaking windows and doors. He hid behind the shades after discovering that they were the notorious Marobisi gang.

“There is a guy in that group who has been terrorising me and three times I reported this to the police, yet nothing has been done. Last night, he was part of the group that attacked my family. I was afraid and just snuck into the darkness and rushed to report at the police station,” he said.

He said a certain officer by the name of Mantu asked him why he did not fight those intruders when he went to report.

Thabang was shocked to be told that one of the Marobisi had been injured in another incident and that he (Thabang) would help police in the investigations, so he was kept in custody until the following morning.

“I was disappointed that the police were more concerned about keeping me there and did not seem bothered to go and help my family,” the 19-year-old said.

Police have declined to comment on the matter. Thamaga Assistant Station Commander told Monitor that it was still early to give any details. He also could not confirm or deny the case being reported.

Villagers point accusing fingers at police for gang related crimes in the village.  They say the casual manner in which law enforcement officers treat the problem has resulted in its escalation.




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