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Sebego needs to come out of hiding

Thuso Palai
It has been a very bad few weeks for the Botswana Football Association and throughout all this tumultuous period, the President of the Association Tebogo Sebego has been nowhere to be found. Nowhere to be found as in making decisive, pronounced decisions to deal with challenges that have been besieging the Association he leads.

When he got the BFA Presidency, Sebego promised to be decisive and to a large extent he hasn’t been. He has always dilly dallied and at times has gone into hiding when needed the most. At times, we need to hear what the man at the helm thinks about the mayhem that has been taking place and what he has done or intends to do about the situation.

First there was the Butler – Masters tiff that has since died down but is still brewing in the background. As much as he might have done something about it behind closed doors, we as football supporters need to know what was done about the situation so our confidence in the two is restored.

Then there was the issue of in-fighting in the technical department and once again the President went into hiding. I know some of these issues are internal, but for an Association like the BFA that has a seemingly ‘bad’ reputation in the eyes of Batswana, the President needs to ally our fears and tell us if he has resolved these issues. It will also allow us to have the comfort that they are being addressed, and will lessen speculations.

As it is, we are all left to speculate as we don’t even know if Sebego did anything to resolve these impasses. Anything with regards football will be talked about and there is no hiding.

The events

of the past two weeks with regards the National team also need attention and some sort of official statement from the BFA. We need to know what the BFA is doing about the back and forth allegations that we have heard and read about in the Media.

I’m not saying the BFA should jump the gun, but they could atleast allay our fears and make some kind of assurance that the situation is being looked into. The happenings at the National team with regards the Ofentse Nato – Tsotso Ngele – PJ Butler debacle need to be looked into as a matter if urgency. This is the time for bold leadership. We need to hear if something is being done, otherwise the speculations and the counter-accusations will continue.

This is no time for the leader in Sebego to go into hiding. This is time for him to come out and do what a leader should do. The BFA not a favourite of many and is always in the wrong. It therefore follows that when such damning allegations and fracas erupts, the BFA should be decisive so as to protect its already battered reputation.

If left unchecked most of these issues have the potential to have a long lasting negative effect on the operations and reputation of the Botswana Football Association. So will the real Sebego please stand up and be seen to be doing something.

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