Stop looting and corruption - Ntuane

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Member of Paliament for Gaborone West South, Botsalo Ntuane has called on government to adopt ethics that will curb corruption if it is serious about attracting investors here.

He said there is a developing trend by some people close to power, to loot the government.  Ntuane was making a comment on the budget speech on Monday.

He cited instances where some ministers own companies that tender for the supply of government goods and services.

This is wrong, he said, adding that it is unethical. He said people should make choices between either being ministers or businessmen. Though he did not mention any names, the MP was probably referring to recent reports that a company owned by the wife of Minister of Justice, Defence and Security Ramadeluka Seretse has won tenders to supply equipment to government security organisations.

When contacted for comment late last year, the minister said he did not see any conflict of interest when his wife's company won a tender to supply the government ministry he heads with equipment, because the President had no problem with it. 

Ntuane suggested that it should not only be the President who declares his assets and liabilities but that all public office holders - MPs and members of the judiciary should do the same.

He said the current system where Cabinet ministers only declare to the president could be a breeding ground for corruption. This, he warned will turn investors away as some of them prefer to do business with transparent countries.  He alleged that Botswana is run by a few individuals who are looting the riches of the

nation, as has happened in those African countries known for corruption and nepotism.

 The MP further told the House that government should reduce the budgets of the Botswana Defence Force (BDF) and Directorate of Intelligence and Security (DIS) because Botswana is not under siege. He also said courts should be given time to litigate on cases involving people who have been declared Prohibited Immigrants by the President adding that it is wrong for them to be kicked out of the country, whilst their cases are still incomplete.

The MP did not hide his discomfort with the constituency league saying it should also be set aside because the economy has suffered a recession and there is no money. He said money spent on the games should be spent on important areas of social services such as trucks for garbage collection, repairing streetlights and provision of water system toilets.

Meanwhile, Bagalatia Arone told the house that the BDP has for many years failed to develop his constituency.

He said the President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe is a better man compared to the BDP government because he has educated his people. He said in Botswana the manufacturing sector has not been fully exploited despite abundant raw materials.

On sport development he suggested that the constituency league be abolished and Botswana football Association allowed to run football in the country. He said the league does not develop sport in any way.



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