Vatican Papacy and Capitalism

As Botswana will be celebrating “Independence” this week, a wild thought flashed through my mind that we are on a daily basis fed the narrative by religious fanatics all over the world that the resurrection of Jesus Christ is the key to Christianity.

We are told that if we don’t get that, then we will never get any salvation. For the Christian, it’s a pity then that life itself doesn’t get it. Life just doesn’t do resurrection. So the Christian is left hanging by a thread called ‘blind faith’.

I have always wondered that if Jesus really existed, then he didn’t rise from the dead. To me he just died like every other living thing that lived in the past. Of course, this doesn’t stop people believing in the resurrection of Christ. But that says more about the human condition than it does about Jesus. People just can’t let go of metaphysical hope.

Or maybe it’s all physical politics. Maybe it’s the political condition of the day which can’t let go of the nonexistent ‘resurrection’. But I strongly believe it’s the political powers, rather than the people, who depend on the perpetuation of these superstitions, especially the Christian sort.

The fact is that the ‘resurrection’ concept means more to the religious and commercial bosses, the politicians and to royalty than to the ordinary poor people.

Because it’s always the bastions of reaction who, just when you thought they were all dead and buried, resurface with a more deadly arrogance than ever before – the emphasis being on the word ‘deadly’.

 Take for example, the Vatican and Capitalism in a country like Ireland. These two have arguably being the greatest failures of the 21st century – both are now back in poor people’s faces with a vengeance.  The two were dead and buried just a few years ago, both are now alive and well. And preaching the gangrenous gospel and gangster capitalism, as if nothing happened.

It has been a kind of a negative poetic when I watched the Pope’s visit to Ireland recently. Seeing two utterly discredited systems embrace each other.

 It’s no coincidence that the repackaging of Catholicism and Capitalism are occurring at the same time.

In the last few centuries they have been the pillars of the Western Empires that have ruthlessly pillaged the world. However, the last two decades have seen the credentials of both collapse spectacularly.

God and the capitalist free market were made for each other.  My view is that God has been covering the back of elite political and economic power ever since God was invented. So it was only natural that God covered the back of the free market when it established itself in modern times. And since modern Capitalism was born in the city states of Renaissance Italy, it’s only natural that the first philosophical protector of ‘the market’ was Roman Catholicism.

In the class war and race wars that have fuelled the free market for centuries; the Vatican has always been on the side of the imperial capitalists. 

For many years the papacy had been at one with the most backward totalitarian forces in history. And so, it was only logical that the Vatican covertly linked up with Ronald Reagan in 1982 when he introduced neo liberalism to suffocate the working class.

I am unapologetic in my view that the Vatican papacy was and is an enemy of the people. The sex scandals involving the Roman Catholic Church, that have surfaced in the last two or three decades, are just the tip of a fascist ice berg. The Papacy has been living off the people’s blindness for centuries.

The mega-bailout of capitalism, which started in 2008 and which is still ongoing, is equivalent to the Roman Catholic sex scandals. It’s a game changer.

Both the corrupt finance, and the corrupt sex, expose, for all to see, systems of thought and action which are not only lawless but evil. In the face of human ingenuity: the bishops and the bankers are now absurdities. They’re Zombies.

And contemporary Ireland, which the Pope visited, is one of the best places to witness this.

The only heaven the Irish believe in today is ‘tax haven’. After almost a century of independence, Irish capitalism equals nothing more than foreign corporate tax avoidance. Whatever indigenous capitalism there was, vanished when Ireland’s entire banking system collapsed in 2008.

In other words, from 2008 till today, a monumental tax scam, as well as a mountain of public debt, has kept “private enterprise” alive in that country. One can only conclude that this kind of “capitalism” is a parasite living off “socialism”.

At one end of the racket the capitalist steals from the public purse via tax dodging. And at the other end, the capitalist gets an endless handout from the public purse via bailouts.

If today there’s no need for Christian societies, the same can be said about capitalism. Society has outgrown it. As a result, capitalism now feels like strangulation. 

That means the working class must suffer, on the one hand, low or stagnant wages. And on the other, high rents and more debt. This is a dead end social experience. Amid all this, bishops and bankers are celebrating the resurrection of their respective ideologies. God and Greed are being sold again as if nothing has changed.

The Pope and the profit pornographers. Sadly the blind fanatics have embraced horror slogans such as “Let’s make the Pope great again’ and let’s ‘make capitalism great again’ . They, of course, were never great.

And their departure from the stage of history will one day be  a gift to the 21st century. Nonetheless, their zombie like states will continue to trouble us.

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