Top eight TV stars in Cabinet

For the past eight months some Cabinet Ministers have dominated our TV sets almost everyday. BAME PIET classifies them with the world's prominent film industries Lieutenant General Ian Khama

The man possesses everything for a movie star - military training, pilot, is a physical trainer and charismatic. All he needs is to set up a production house and produce a movie that will match those by Arnold Schwazenegger - Terminator 1, 2 and 3. He can bring an Oscar Award to Botswana. If that fails, he can submit his demo to Hollywood producers and within an hour of receiving it, they would invite him to take part in their movies. BTV is doing the man poor service, they should highlight his village visits. The tagline should be "don't miss your favorite star Ian Khama tonight as he...' whenever he has a village visit. Mr President, stop wasting your energy and talent with this dirty game of politics, Hollywood is waiting for you.

Lieutenant General Mompati Merafhe
He looks tired most of the time and should go and try his luck in Nollywood. He will be best suited for the character of a chief in a rural area who rules with an iron fist - the one who can send a lunatic to the gallows. Go and TRY Nollywood Lieutenant, you can succeed. Be reminded that the VP has complained in the past that some opposition MPs were trying to steal the limelight from the ruling party.

Editor's Comment
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