Thank You Mr BFA President But Not Enough

This past week, the Botswana Football Association (BFA) President Tebogo Sebego shocked the footballing community further with another own-goal type of decision-making when he sacked the entire Premier League Board, apparently for their own unending soap opera of pathetic and calamitous decision-makings that have been dragging the local game from one hell of a disaster to another.

Things have been going downhill for the Sebego administration from day one  in the office, when his critics accused him of allegely favouring his faction, Friends of Football with certain responsibilities. With more and more talk of  poor management at the top level, it was only a matter of time before the problems manifested themselves in the flagship league.

The lower leagues had their own fair share of  controversies and scandals, but the unfolding of the mother of all scandals in the Premier League before the eyes of the BFA leadership, Sebego in particular, marked the worst sporting moment ever in the history of this country. Just why would BFA leadership choose fence-sitting when calamity unfolded in a big way like it did in the Premier League.

They only pitched up at the very end of the chaos when the house had already burnt down. What the BFA leadership did lately  as an intervention was tantamount to shutting the gate when the horses had already bolted. At this juncture we concur, it’s time somebody wielded the axe, not only on the Premier League Board, but most importantly the BFA national executive committee, especially Sebego.

He cannot spare or absolve himself from the  scandal of  a life time. As the BFA chief, he is the face of football, therefore the  father of  the scandals that have been rocking the beautiful game. Under his watch, football  administration has been on auto-pilot, resulting in the shame that we see today.  The lawyer BFA President would be wasting his time trying to use legal arguments to absolve himself from this shame.

He simply failed as everything that could go wrong under his watch has gone wrong. Yes, it is time for the boot, on himself. This is by far  the worst  footballing era we have had, and Sebego will do well to come out of slumber and recognise this and admit he has failed, failed miserably, to show up, when his leadership acumen was being put to the test. He simply flunked.

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