Let's Restore Botswana To Safety Reputation

Many people have been expressing anger and disgust at the growing murder cases in the country. This follows spike in passion killings where lovers or ex-lovers kill each other.

Last week, there were sad news of a woman who was murdered in front of her colleagues in Molepolole. Within a few seconds, social media especially Facebook was inundated with messages from angry Batswana, about the incident. To rub salt into the open wound, the suspected killer posted a picture of the deceased with a RIP caption. Many people from different walks of life went on to his wall and scolded him for the barbaric behaviour he was displaying, forcing the alleged murderer to delete his post. That however, did not deter angry Batswana for expressing their disgust, and disapproval of what he did.

The young man who at the time of going to press was still at large, according to information from the police, had two murder convictions. This information has infuriated the public more as everyone was wondering how come the young man is out, when he has been convicted of murder before.

The Monitor has previously, featured an editorial pleading with government to re-evaluate some of the outdated laws, and tighten the arm of justice, in relation to murder, rape, gender-based violence (GBV) cases, repeat offenders and other serious offences that continue to terrorise law abiding citizens, and is threatening the peaceful nature that out country is known for. Citizens in recent years, have been lobbying for laws to be made stricter, lobbying against the issuance of bail to repeat offenders, and threatening to take the law into their own hands, if the government does not do anything about it.

The current case, is one of the many examples of repeat offenders who were released from jail only to kill again or commit other serious crimes within a short period of time. While it may be difficult for a layman who did not study law to interpret the law, many citizens have often wondered why criminals seem to enjoy more rights at the expense of law abiding citizens. In other countries when an offender is granted bail, there are firmly alerted that should they commit a similar offence their bail will be revoked, but in our country armed robbers, and thieves get bail for the same crimes over and over again. Prison is supposed to rehabilitate offenders/criminals, but is the system that is currently in place sufficient?

Many Batswana, have not accepted counselling as intervention that can help with mental heath issues.  Relatives and the society often see certain trades in their loved ones, but instead of seeking help for them, they just wish the problem away, until something catastrophic happens. Mental illnesses are real, and the sooner we accept that the better. Let’s stand together as the nation and restore our country to its safe and peaceful reputation.


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