Overhauling instructional practices

Developing an effective education strategy should begin with an honest assessment or appreciation of the current status of the education system. Appreciating the present level of a school’s organisational performance is a two-pronged process.

It usually begins on a positive note by way of identifying and highlighting the system’s strengths. The exercise entails a walk through what makes the system tick and detailing best practices requiring continuity and reinforcement.

Harping on what works is the most likeable and appealing aspect. It is a problem free task. The simple reason is that highlighting the strengths adds credit to the system while giving a positive feedback to members of the organisation. This makes everyone involved feel worthwhile. However the next step, which involves a display of highlights of what is not working, can bring about a sense of discomfort and restlessness. The question of dealing with things which are letting down an organisation can be quite unsettling. But organisations truly and genuinely seeking to raise the quality of performance exploit limitations to develop appropriate interventions. It is worth noting that subjecting the performance of an organisation to serious scrutiny should necessarily entail recognising and accepting limitations and pitfalls. This, unfortunately, is often a no go area.

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Happy Independence Day!

Independence Day holds immense significance for Batswana as a whole. It offers a moment for reflection and celebration of the country's achievements, while also prompting introspection.We must honestly assess whether the number of years of independence aligns with the progress we have made. While there is certainly much to celebrate, there are also pressing issues that require the attention of relevant stakeholders. Many Batswana are facing...

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