• SAMIM kills 11 ASWJ terrorists

    Nine (9) of the eleven (11) terrorists were killed in an exchange of fire in the general area of Macomia District whilst two were killed in the general area of Ninga, Nangade District where their base was captured and subsequently destroyed.Amongst...

  • SAMIM destroys terrorist bases in Lake Nguri

    During this operation, SAMIM forces rescued eight women and five children believed to have been abducted by the terrorists. The victims are under the care of national authorities.Moreover, SAMIM forces confiscated weapons from an arms’ cache that...

  • New look BFTU team gets the thumbs-up

    Previously all organisations representing permanent and pensionable civil servants were regarded as workers' organisations until government allowed them to unionise towards the end of last year.  BFTU's new president Japhta Radibe is a teacher...

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