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Masisi Dismisses BDP Splinter Threats

President Masisi and VP Tsogwane (right) in Rakops PIC: THALEFANG CHARLES
RAKOPS: President Mokgweetsi Masisi has told a rally launching Vice President Slumber Tsogwane in Rakops yesterday that no external organisation can split the ruling Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) except internal forces.

Launching his loyal ally, Tsogwane, Masisi dismissed those who peddled fallacies that they have what it takes to bring the BDP down, to think again as the BDP is an institution owned by the people and not an individual.

Masisi, who was very careful not to mention names, indicating that anyone who thinks he can use any power to bring the BDP down will need prayers “so that any spirit tormenting that person be exorcised forthwith”.

He emphasised: “We want the pastors to pray for us, especially the current leaders, former party leaders and future ones”.

He encouraged party diehards to be guided by the words of the founding fathers that the party cannot be split by any outsider.

He, however, warned the rally to watch out for the storm that he said was gathering very fast in Boteti-West constituency and threatening to befall the party.

Without any particular reference to anyone, Masisi encouraged everyone to go to his place of birth and enjoy their democratic rights rather than be sworn to cause trouble at other targeted areas. It was apparent that Masisi was referring to his predecessor who has vowed to bring the BDP to its knees and amongst others targeted Tsogwane in Boteti-West for de-campaigning him recently in Palapye. In his element, Masisi dismissed tribalism as an evil that should be condemned with the contempt that it deserves.

He emphasised in the vernacular: “Semorafe ga se segarona, re batho ba kagiso.  Sechaba se se tshwaragane”.

Masisi would give an example with his case, elaborating on the totem factor indicating that he is a Mminakgabo and a real Mokgatla and said that his tribal identity does not supersede his being a Motswana. He will not encourage anyone to believe that his/her totem is bigger than his/her Botswana.

“We should also know that we all have our different totems and no totem is bigger than any other. If we were going to elevate our totems that will split our country.  I tell you now, unite, love each other, regardless of where you come from.”

Masisi encouraged BDP members to ignore false promises made by some politicians, especially those who were applying archaic methods of proposing people

to join their parties which he said was akin to a man promising to buy a woman a train to win her over. “I know some of you have been promised to be bought trains and be sent to the moon.  Be vigilant and work together and avoid disunity.”

The President also reminded BDP diehards to learn to ignore diatribe aimed at sowing seeds of discord targeted at party leadership and its members.

“Some of the issues are beyond us; our duty should be to sell our party and its policies in our endeavour to win the general elections. Sell our manifesto, which details our political beliefs and processes.” Presenting Tsogwane to Boteti-West constituents, the President described the Vice President as his trusted ally who never disappoints and delivers to his satisfaction. Coming from the dusty village of Rakops, Masisi said Tsogwane soldiered on and retained his constituency against all odds.

“You trusted him with a Parliamentary seat and he has been vocal on pertinent issues about your area. He has been representing you very well on issues of shortage of land, salinated water, education, wildlife-human conflict issues and a variety of other issues peculiar to your circumstances.” Masisi described Tsogwane as a diligent and loyal person who supported almost everyone in the BDP who needed his assistance.   “We trust each other, consult  widely on pertinent issues and he is the Leader of the House in Parliament  and in my absence he chairs the party caucus,” Masisi described how he interacts with Tsogwane on official duties.

He was insistent that Boteti West constituents will regret it if they were to favour anyone else with their votes other than Tsogwane who he further described as a responsible man who has demonstrated his commitment to his family.

To him, the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) candidate in Boteti West, Sam Digwa who is also favoured by former president Ian Khama was not worth the votes of the constituents. Following rumours that some Parliamentary candidates might jump ship with the seats after the elections, Masisi paraded all those that graced the launch and made them swear their allegiance to him before the gathering.




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