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The Rich Preacher and The Poor Christian

Seakgosing's book reveals how Fire churches have manipulated Christians
Today's church is at crossroads, with confusion reigning not only in the general public, but also the Body of Christ about the 'new' church and the Christian life. The worship of the 'Fire Churches' has challenged conventional ways, with some allegedly worshiping the 'man of God' and not God.

In recent years, the popularity of these churches, has risen.  As they grow, criticism has been that such charismatic churches do not necessarily bring about growth and change for the better for the followers, but enrichment for the leaders, or Prophets as most call themselves. There have been reports of some of these churches milking money from their followers.

While many preachers and pastors have stayed clear of tackling this controversy, a well-known Gospel artist, and a Preacher of the Word himself, Earnest Seakgosing shook the hornet’s nest, with the recent publication of a book titled The Rich Preacher and The Poor Christian. In an interview with Arts & Culture, Seakgosing said his non-fiction Christian book was seeking to enlighten Christians on matters of a church and finances.

He said there was a lot of confusion in the body of Christ concerning financial matters, so much so that the Governments became so alarmed and had to intervene. He said the country also had deported many pastors regarding this issues surrounding church and money.

“Since deportations and confusions that continue to prevail and haunt the churches, some local pastors, have made it a cash cow! These strange doctrines from other African nations, talk of paying money seeds and enforce the tithe(s) the wrong way to the unsuspecting church members. Now this book is not and never to discredit any pastor or church but to enlighten whoever wants Biblical truths to be set free from charlatans and be free to serve God under the new dispensation of grace that doesn’t impose any law to a believer,” he emphasised.

He said a dispensation doesn’t force anyone to start taking a calculator and ensure 10% to a pastor or any church.

The book warns that, any man who imposes themselves and want to dominate the other in the name of authority from God, must shy away and run as far from them as possible because, a man who has authority from God, is endorsed by God in the hearts of people.  “But these false prophets and charlatans impart fear of curses on people

and people act in response to fear and not faith”.

Seakgosing said the book was inspired by the Holy Spirit during a prayer session. He claims to have seen a family split after giving houses to pastors or churches. He added that people even took out loans to service their ‘man of God’ and many more instances that left the Christian so vulnerable and in debts.

He pointed out that currently so much money is crossing borders to some of these false prophets and leaving the country’s economy at stake. He said that there was a serious issue he could not just watch and brush away as many pastors and churches had done in Botswana.

“Did I say giving is wrong? No! A big No! But people ought to know they must never be forced to give under any circumstances! They should give cheerfully, without even giving because there is a need but for one reason, which my next book will address in depth, titled Rich God and Rich Sons. This one will zoom into the separating three dispensations of the Bible namely; The Promise of Abraham, The Law and The Grace,” he explained.

He started writing his book at the end of 2012 and finished it in 2014. The last chapter was finished Monday April 23, 2018, as the Book went for printing for the first time. It has 12 chapters such as Who Are You Following, Beware of False Prophets, Marks of False Prophets, Cannibal Preachers, What is Doctrine and others.  It was edited by a number of editors including Wame Legakwa, Thusego Lejuta and four others at Ndiko Muzila Purblishers who were helping with getting the Book out on this time. The Book will be at Lesedi Christian Book Store afterwards and on Amazon.

Seakgosing said he was still rediscovering the journey back to music as a gospel artist and also helping many other upcoming musicians at my work place, Chankieland Production Studios. With the hope to release a Project titled; BWoW Project, which features 13 never before, recorded singers and worship leaders.




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