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Rollers Captain Gears Up On Plans To Build A Clinic In Lechana

SELEBI-PHIKWE: Township Rollers captain, Ditshupo Maano this week started submitting proposals to companies and individuals for sponsorship to build a proper health facility in Lechana cattlepost near Palapye.

The community of Lechana cattlepost, which is situated along Palapye and Topisi, has for a long time been serviced by a mobile clinic an extension of Palapye Primary Hospital.

For a long time now, the villagers have been receiving health services form a traditional home adjacent to the common police checkpoint.

It is a well-maintained traditional home with two thatched mud huts and it remains intact even today.

Lechana is where Maano grew up. He vividly remembers the good old days when like any other child would be brought to the makeshift health facility for monthly welfare record updates.

Because of the traditional nature of the facility body mass scale would be hanged from the rafters of the hut and at the end of the day the services that the children around the cattle post received was equivalent to those at proper facilities.

“It hurts me to recall those memories as I sometimes wonder what could have happened to me by accident the scale hanging from the rafters lost grip while I was mid-air. I was raised in Lechana for a good part of my childhood ” he said.

He added that having been raised in Lechana cattlepost he has had his fair share of struggling health wise because it was not everyday that the mobile health facility was available. “I know the experience and sometimes patients had to travel to Palapye for health services. Even Palapye is now growing towards Lechana so the area needs to be improved to match the current times. This project is my contribution to Lechana. I may have launched my football career in Serowe, but Lechana

remains dear to my heart. Every holidays I come to Lechana,” he said.   

He added that as such he has a dream to do something as a way of giving back to the community that raised him. He explained that he had to establish himself first as a football icon before he could make his dream a reality.

Last year, he started a football tournament in Lechana through, which he wanted to raise funds to kick-start preparations for his Lechana clinic project. The tournament attracted teams form Lechana and Shalakwe cattleposts, Topisi and Tamasane.

“This week I started submitting proposals to potential sponsors because my aim is to have a proper road map for the project by October this year. Some individuals have already pledged building materials such as rafters. I am impressed with the response I have so far received,” he added.

He started approaching potential sponsors last year, but by then many companies suggested he waits for their financial year to start. He said his dream is that this noble gesture would not be only about Lechana but would do trickle to other areas as well.

Every season, Maano donates his framed football shirt to SOS and at the beginning of the new season the framed shirt is sold by auction to raise money for the organisation.

If he could secure enough funds he wants the facility to be handed over to government so that it starts operating by next year.

Another tournament is scheduled for December, 2018 to raise more funds.  He added that he also planning a festival, which will feature Culture Spears as his main partners.




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