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School in shock over Form 1 student's suicide

TOBANE: "It's over about my life. Ke tsamaile. Mum and Dad." This is the note left by a 13-year old Motlhasedi JSS Form 1 student, Lesedi Moilwa, who committed suicide using a school uniform scarf last week Thursday at her home's pit latrine.
By Onalenna Kelebeile Fri 11 Oct 2013, 17:28 pm (GMT +2)
Mmegi Online :: School in shock over Form 1 student's suicide

In another incident at the same school, a fellow student interrupted a boy in Form 3 in the process of hanging himself in the school premises on Tuesday.

Moilwa's grandfather, Boy Moilwa, said he received a call that his grand-daughter had committed suicide while he was at the cattle post. "I questioned the mother to establish if there was any misunderstanding that could have led the teenager to commit suicide but there was none," he said.

Boy said he was told that upon arrival from school last week Thursday, Lesedi put her books in the house, informed her mother about the dress-to-kill event that was scheduled for the next school day before visiting the toilet.

He said Lesedi's younger brother found her hanging from the toilet rafters by a noose she had fashioned from the scarf.

"The mother rushed to call a neighbour and they immediately released the young girl from the noose but it was already late and she was certified dead upon arrival at the Selebi-Phikwe Government Hospital," he said.

Boy said a suicide note was later discovered in her school notebook that she had placed on the bed.

The grandfather said that the girl might have been planning her death because her peers have since revealed that she had repeatedly joked that they were seeing her for the last time.

The family also discovered that she had washed all her clothes and blankets and packed them in a bag. Motlhasedi J.S.S headmaster Hebert Kabelo said it was the first incident experienced at the school. He said Moilwa never showed any signs of distress.

He said the suicide attempt by the Form 3 student failed because a colleague intervened. "In fact the same student made another attempt last week. We are seriously trying to talk to parents. We believe that parents must play their role," he added.

Kabelo said the school management would address PTA and Kgotla meetings about the suicide issue. He said they would get the right people including the police to counsel and address the students.

He said prayers also formed an integral part of emotional healing and priests were invited for prayer sessions at the school.

The school has introduced periodical patrols around the premises to make the institution safe for students.

A memorial service for Moilwa will be held at the school today while the funeral is scheduled for Saturday.


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