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The problem is Motsamai – BOFEPUSU

At Botswana Federation of Public Private Parastatals Sector Unions (BOFEPUSU) we value, respect and love members of Botswana Public Employees Union (BOPEU).
By Correspondent Thu 13 Apr 2017, 13:12 pm (GMT +2)
Mmegi Online :: The problem is Motsamai – BOFEPUSU

We have nothing against members of BOPEU because the problems at BOPEU are a careless creation of short-sighted leadership and members of BOPEU have nothing to do with it.

The leadership of BOPEU has passionately engaged in a misguided and unnecessary fight against BOFEPUSU.  This selfish, self centred, akin to suicide bombers tendencies by BOPEU has led to their continued endeavours to kill Bargaining Council, to surrender collective Bargaining power to the Government and thereby disempowering workers.

BOFEPUSU wrote a letter to BOPEU inviting them to be part of the BOFEPUSU Acting Joint Arrangement. We have further invited them to re-join the Federation so that there is unity of workers in the country to fight together as a collective force.

The problem at BOPEU is that President Masego Mogwera and Topius Marenga fail to tame Andrew Motsamai. Motsamai rules BOPEU from Babereki Investments.  He is powerful over Mogwera and Marenga that he controls BOPEU while Mogwera and Marenga are helpless.  He pulls the strings and no member of the Central Committee is prepared to stand up to him. Motsamai has vacated the seat


of Presidency at BOPEU but he still overshadows Mogwera who is just a spectator.

Motsamai has become so powerful that he run both BOPEU and Babereki Investments. Motsamai has succeeded in delivering BOPEU to the current Government as he continue to plan with top Government officials. 

During negotiations of 2015/16 salary negotiations BOPEU leadership led by Motsamai went to see President Ian Khama and agreed that they will a accept four percent when other Unions were pushing for higher percentage. Motsamai is holding BOPEU at ransom and members are even ashamed to be associated with the Union .

Motsamai is understood to have said that he will continue to fight BOFEPUSU even where he believes BOFEPUSU has principle .   He says he has embarked on destroying BOFEPUSU and that is such a personal agenda.

He is further understood to have indicated that though he is at Investments of BOPEU he will continue to rule BOPEU the union. This perhaps explains why Mogwera is just absent and Marenga continues to defend ridiculously difficult positions by BOPEU.



*Ketlhalefile Motshegwa is BOFEPUSU deputy secretary general

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