Mmegi Blogs :: Five reasons why trump won!
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Friday 15 December 2017, 17:56 pm.
Five reasons why trump won!

Michael Moore the author of Stupid White Men predicted Donald Trump victory and gave five reasons why he believed that would be so. Moore, film maker by profession, is a consummate observer and analyst of American society.
By Michael Dingake Tue 22 Nov 2016, 17:36 pm (GMT +2)
Mmegi Blogs :: Five reasons why trump won!

In ‘Stupid White Men’ he goes through American society with a fine tooth comb, starting with the Bush clan, he dissects them one by one and proves how they rigged the election against Democratic Party candidate, Al Gore; he caricatures GW Bush as an idiot President of an idiot nation; he writes that America, is number one in many things: “We are number one in billionaires, number one in millionaires, number one in firearm deaths, number one in oil consumption…. number one in lowest voter turnout!

The first reason in Michael Moore’s predictive list why Donald Trump would win the November 8, 2016  election is based on US being, ‘Number One in lowest voter turnout-’ culture. His view is that one reason  Hillary Clinton would lose was the low turnout voter phenomenon, which Americans were famous for; (It turned out that indeed the turn-out would be low at 46 percent- plus). In the situation, the candidate who had ‘rabid’ supporters, Donald Trump was the one, who was likely to be victorious; from casual observation Donald Trump supporters were the ‘rabid’ ones. It was manifest during the campaign, they were the gullible, the unshakeable. ‘Trump for president!’ Women groping, be damned! Allegations against Trump were better left unsaid!

Second reason why Moore predicted Trump’s win, was though a capitalist to outdo fellow capitalists, he  assumed the workers’ mantle, by championing  workers cause, by promising them that he’d fight exportation of their jobs, by clamping down on companies who closed their business operations in America to invest outside, then export their goods to the US. He named Mexico and China in the fore-front. In addition he would abrogate NAFTA, the trade agreement between US, Mexico, the Caribbean, excluding communist Cuba of course; he would impose 35 per cent tariffs on imports from Mexico and 45 per cent tariff charges on Chinese imports. Music to workers’ ears!  One is reminded of, “Bring back our jobs”  BCP 2014 call; it didn’t endear Batswana unemployed to the BCP, no matter, it had elements of endearment potential. Perhaps it will work if revisited in 2019, in the wake of BCL debacle.

The third reason the authoritative analyst cited as undermining the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign he identified as her failure to convince the electorate that she was champion of the Hispanics, women and African -Americans’ rights. If she was, why didn’t she demonstrate it by having an African-American, woman or  Hispanic running mate? During the campaign and the presidential debates. remember, Donald Trump characterised Hillary Clinton as being just a talker and not a doer. Here she had an opportunity to walk the talk, why didn’t she? Michael Moore thought that would be one of her


undoing in the contest - a shortcoming that would spell the death knell to her campaign. I concurred with him: A prospective first American woman president, seen flanked by African-American, Hispanic or woman running-mate, would have been a double whammy and irresistible to the snobbish American voter who likes to impress outsiders as America being an exceptional nation!

The Democratic Party presidential candidate was generally viewed as a warmonger. She supported GW Bush’s invasion of Iraq when she was New York Senator. Iraq  invasion by the USA in 2003 based upon the pretext and lie that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and had links with Al Qaeda, was a palpable lie to prove  American lawmakers are pathetic warmongers across the political divide. American voters, obviously haven’t forgiven GW Bush hawkishness, nor Senators who supported Iraq invasion, among them Senator Clinton the Democrat running for the 2016 presidential election . Hillary Clinton continued her hawkish tendencies as Secretary of State under Obama administration when the administration, thinly-camouflaged as NATO, imposed a NO-Fly-Zone to murder Colonel Gaddafi in cold blood and in the process destroy Libya and future prospects for her population. Look what has become of Libya! A training ground for assorted terrorist groups, thanks a million times to Hillary and her political kindred across the American political spectrum. Hillary Clinton’s candidacy failed to obscure her bloodthirsty lust for undeserving foreign victims!

The fifth reason why Hillary lost, was what Michael Moore calls the Jesse Ventura Effect. “Don’t discount the electorate to be mischievous or underestimate how millions fancy themselves as closet anarchists...” Some American state in history elected Jesse Ventura governor. JV was a famous sport personality, who had never been associated with politics; either by prompting or on his own accord, he ran for the Governorship of the anonymous state and won by an overwhelming majority the State Governorship, nonetheless. Why? The electorate simply wanted to “shake things up!” Hence the JV Effect!  Yes, two ‘factions’ of the American establishment, Republicans and Democrats needed to be shaken up, don’t you think?

They are Siamese twins! Reviled by Republican colleagues, accused of groping by women to a dozen, cold-shouldered by the media, denounced as racist, misogynist, tax evader, isolationist, hostile to norms of international relations, he won. Hillary believes the eve-of-polls resurfacing of her E-mails controversy was what did her! Hmmm!

There is merit in Moore’s five reasons why Hilary lost. Interestingly Moore himself was not Donald Trump’s fan. He had scathing remarks for his victory:  “This wretched, ignorant, dangerous, part-time clown and full-time sociopath is going to be our next president….!” Odds were stacked against Trump,  so stacked  TB  Joshua prophesy was flummoxed! He won!


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