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Khama’s salary passes 50,000 mark

President Ian Khama will earn P54, 279 from this month when the six percent salary increment given to MPs and parliamentary officials takes effect.

The salaries of MPs and parliamentary staff will go up when the National Assembly (Salaries and Allowances) Amendment Bill 2015 is signed into law. The bill was presented by Assistant Minister for Presidential Affairs and Public Administration, Philip Makgalemele and passed by Parliament yesterday. “The objective of the bill is to make provision for the restructuring, six percent increase of salaries and allowances of the National Assembly with effect from 1st April, 2015,” said Makgalemele.

He told Parliament that when the bill takes effect, the President would earn P651,348 per annum. The Vice President, Mokgweetsi Masisi would get P501,216 per annum or P41,768 per month.

Cabinet ministers and the Speaker would earn P439,656 per annum which translate to P36,638 monthly. Assistant ministers, Deputy Speaker

and the Leader of Opposition would earn P30,891 per month or P370,692 per annum. The government whip is now rated P294, 180 per annum or P24, 515 per month while the opposition whip gets P282,756 per year or P23,563 per month.

MPs will get P266, 460 per annum or P22, 205 monthly. Every MP, other than the Vice President, a minister, the Speaker, an Assistant Speaker, the Deputy Speaker and the Leader of Opposition will receive a hospitality allowance of P7,581.12 per year. The chairperson of a parliamentary committee will receive a daily allowance of P59.31 if the committee conducts business on a day that Parliament is not sitting. Every MP will receive a communication allowance of P33,428.16 per annum.




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