If You Are Corrupt, Quit

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Civil servants at the Ministry of Works and Transport (MWT) have been told to simply write resignation letters if they can't resist corrupt practices.

Permanent secretary in the ministry, Carter Morupisi, sent this strong warning during the just ended two-day corporate planning workshop for the entire ministry staff across the country.

The workshop was conducted to enhance the ministry's service delivery with the objectives of reviewing departmental performances, identifying organisational strengths and weaknesses, and developing the MWT 2009/10 annual plan.

"If you can't resist corruption, just leave, just apply for retirement," he pleaded. He added: "You will be doing yourself and the government justice". Morupisi said this after telling the ministry employees that when he took up his current position from the Ministry of Agriculture, "I received numerous calls from many people asking me whether I will manage to run the ministry that has a lot of problems".

He complained that some of the employees have invested outside the country with money they acquired through corrupt practices. "Some of you have off-shore investments outside the country with money accumulated from corrupt practices," said Morupisi.

To drive his point home and to justify that there is corruption in the Works and Transport Ministry, he told the workshop attendants that he received a call recently from somebody in London saying there is a certain tender that has been awarded under questionable circumstances.

"Imagine somebody calling from as far as London reporting corrupt practices, and telling you that he is ready to give details," he said.

He warned that if these things were left unattended, the reputation the country has been enjoying for the past years will be destroyed. He said as staff they should work diligently together to provide their customers with the best service.

"We should be ready to work and respect the current and future

government. You know it is election year, which means we should also be prepared to work with the next government".

Morupisi further pleaded with his juniors not to sabotage government programmes just because, "you belong to a certain political party that is not in power". 

He said everybody, including himself, should declare all the gifts they are given. "It is of paramount importance to declare the gifts you are given. It is wrong not to declare such gifts," he warned.

"People will suspect that there is something going on even if there is nothing were you to enter an evaluation tender meeting with a diary baring names of a certain company.

"If I am given a gift, I declare it to the permanent Secretary to the President (PSP), a minister declares his to the president, and you should declare yours to me," he advised them.

Meanwhile, the PSP, Eric Molale who was the guest speaker also came out strongly on the MWT staff for not doing enough to service the public. He said the ministry came out badly in their recent review. "The ministry is full of engineers who are qualified to do things. What are they doing and what are they being paid for?" he asked.

He outlined a number of government projects which are not attended to on time.

According to Molale, some of the roads in the country leave much to be desired in the sense that immediately after being constructed or repaired, a few days later they are damaged.

"Somebody is sleeping on the job," he warned.

Molale also reiterated that if people are not prepared to serve in the public service, "they should leave".



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