Sakufiwa: i'm coming back to Botswana

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If he is not just hallucinating, New season's Ministries Apostle Francis Sakufiwa will set a new record to be the first person to be deported and then allowed later to return to Botswana as a citizen. His followers are abuzz that he will be back this week.

And he says he is coming, and asked us to phone him on his local Mascom phone on Tuesday. Sakufiwa's followers' spirits were lifted by this text from him last week. "I'm Coming Back To Botswana next week (this week) as a citizen of  Botswana and spiritual adviser in the Office of the President. Thank you for standing with me.

People meant it for evil BUT GOD turned it for my good. Apostle Francis."  At first this looked like some April fool's message making a joke about the fallen man of God. A phone call to the South African cellphone number that sent the message found Apostle Sakufiwa of New Seasons Ministries, who was deported from Botswana a couple of weeks ago.

Sakufiwa confirmed that indeed he had sent close friends the message informing them that he has been successfully talking to authorities in Botswana and is returning to Botswana early this week. When he spoke to The Monitor, Sakufiwa, whose reason for deportation have never been  made public, asked The Monitor to withhold publishing the news of his impending arrival until Tuesday this week.

However, the Apostle said he was not willing to entertain media interviews due to the sensitivity of the matter, and said he would rather have us wait until Tuesday (tomorrow). However, on Saturday Director of Immigration Mabuse Pule dismissed the so-called impending arrival of Sakufiwa  as street talk.  '"According to our Immigration Act, if a person has been declared a persona non grata (Prohibited Immigrant), that is the end of him; unless under very special dispensation, under the Office of the President.

Officially I don't know about that. Unless you want to tell me it is something that was discussed entirely between him and the presidency. But if you ask me, when a Prohibited Immigrant enters the country  illegally, if arrested, he can be fined P10,000, 10 years imprisonment, or both depending on the magnitude of your case; re-entry is not allowed in Botswana, Gongwe e tla bo e le high level council decision".

Mabuse also referred The Monitor to the Attorney General to clarify anything that might fall outside the immigration department. Attorney General Dr Athalia Molokomme on Saturday said the President has powers to rescind the order just as he has the powers to  issue that order. However, Molokomme said she was not aware of the order to rescind Sakufiwa's Prohibited Immigrant status.

"I'm not aware, usually I would know, because those instruments are drafted by my office. I was not in the office on Friday, but I doubt that [the order to rescind Sakufiwa's Prohibited Immigrant status has been issued]."

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