A Cabinet of loyalists


The latest Cabinet make up betrays a depleted party that has run out of depth. Perhaps, under the guise of playing the gender card, the President drafted Talita Monnakgotla into Cabinet.

Judging by her underachievement as a legislator, Monnakgotla does not seem to have earned her place in Cabinet. The President must have looked ahead at the big picture of raising her political profile to boost her chances of retaining the marginal Kgalagadi North constituency. Another plus for Monnakgotla is that she seems to have observed benevolent neutrality in factional battles ripping the party apart. She poses no threat to the party leadership. Cabinet members serve at the pleasure of the President and this is a line that has been repeated too many times.

The President would seldom get into Cabinet rebellious and independent-minded colleagues. Machana Shamukuni appears to be the President 's man. He had had a stint as a junior minister in the presidency and later served in the same capacity at the Tertiary Education ministry. He has accumulated a lot of experience and his elevation was expected.

Monnakgotla taking oath.PIC.KENNEDY RAMOKONE
Monnakgotla taking oath.PIC.KENNEDY RAMOKONE

But, where he stands in the big scheme of things matters. He poses no threat to the President. Limping from depleted resources, Eric Molale with his vast experience in the public service is indispensable. He is the party's utility player and appears to be the only minister who can be affected by any Cabinet reshuffle because he can serve anywhere. He is considered a defender of the President and can be relied upon when the chips are down. Kgotla Autlwetse is Masisi 's fourth choice for the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development. He comes in after the fall and removal of Pelonomi Venson-Moitoi, Vander Westhuizen and Molale.

With his fluency in Setswana he is considered fit to handle Dikgosi matters with distinction. Besides, he is favoured because he is the 'rebel' that defied Bangwato royals.

So, Bangwato now would have to deal with him on their kgosi matters. Plainly rewarded for loyalty to the President. All in all, the verdict is out. Some sense of paranoia has gripped the BDP. The party is suffering from within. The fear that there are elements within the party working with external forces to bring the President down is the cancer that must be fought and defeated. The BDP is either having a Messiah destined to carry it to the Promised Land or a Jonah embarking on the ill-fated Tarshish journey.

Even those in the inner circle no longer feel safe and secure. The resignations that have rocked the party bear testimony to this. The Cabinet reshuffle is predicated upon a desire to serve political ends rather than the necessity to achieve improved service delivery.

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Happy Independence!

We are 56 years old and what do we have to show for it? Looking at where Botswana started and where it is today, there are a lot of developments, but whether the developments match the number of years we have enjoyed as a country is a topic for another day.The fact that cannot be denied is we have seen major developments, but we are still lacking in several pertinent areas.Our beautiful country imports almost everything. We import fuel, food,...

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