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‘Butterfly’, Kgosi lovers in crime - State

More allegations and claims are surfacing against Directorate of Intelligence and Security (DIS) agent, Welheminah Mphoeng Maswabi known by her code name ‘Butterfly’ as she is now accused of being the main person behind the running of the spy organisation.

The State, which accuses Maswabi of amongst other things financing terrorism, has now made allegations that she controlled the intelligence unit simply because she was a lover to the ex-spy chief, Isaac Kgosi.

According to the Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime’s investigating officer, Jako Hubona’s affidavit, Maswabi had so much control as she and Kgosi were lovers in cahoots and that all the trips they undertook were to fulfil their love escapades while accomplishing commission of offences.

Hubona also made claims that Maswabi, who is said to have held five passports, one of which was a diplomatic one, had access to three special accounts, which are all not even in Botswana.

“Our investigations revealed Maswabi had access to the three special accounts which its sources are from the government coffers through foreign investments. It was shocking because she is not a person to deal in government accounts. She is just an employee,” he said.

The investigator pointed out that Maswabi and Kgosi travelled a lot during their working days and the said accounts were used to move funds from one account to another in countries such as Hong Kong.

One amount, which is alleged to have been transferred by Maswabi to Kgosi

was the P48 million discussed during one of their love conversations.

Hubona indicated that according to conversations between the pair, Kgosi had reminded Maswabi not to forget to transfer the money and claimed that on July 20, 2009 a hefty amount was transferred from one of the special accounts to a bank in Hong Kong.

“The reference according to our investigations was for the purchase of intelligence equipment, and between the months of July and August 2009, more funds were transferred to other accounts in most European, Asian and American countries.”

The State also claimed that Kgosi abused his powers by giving Maswabi so much control even going to the extent of giving her a diplomatic passport when she was not supposed to hold one as she was not a diplomat and that he even got her one by the name of Hilton Lerato Motswana.

She is also accused of having a sum of U$D390m in her personal account and having offshore accounts with large sums of money.

Further, according to the investigator’s affidavit, the investigations are still ongoing since most offences were committed outside the country and that it will take more time and assistance to cover all the investigations.




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