Mogoditshane’s Escalating Crime Dredges Up Dread

Drained by the spate of unbridled crime, residents of Mogoditshane live in constant fear and have plead for government to increase police visibility.

Through their Member of Parliament, Sedirwa Kgoroba, residents of the peri-urban village have made a request to hold a protest match against crime. Residents outlined that they are no longer free to go about their daily lives without being caught up in violence. Rape, murder, armed robbery, burglary and assaults have become too common in Mogoditshane, residents say and police reports indicate.The village has turned into a crime haven with criminals making a kill almost on a daily basis. For the majority of people who relocate from far-flung villages for greener pastures in Gaborone, their first stop is Mogoditshane, where they target cheaper or affordable accommodation.

This in the process is slowly turning the village into a densely populated area, something that comes along with undesirables like the increase in criminal activity.

Addressing the media recently, Kgoroba said his constituents do not know what peaceful sleep means as in their slumber their conscience is always on the alert to any sound from outside the house.

He revealed that the residents are concerned and calling for immediate help, as they are no longer able to walk freely at night and in isolated areas at daytime.

Kgoroba said even those who assume they are safe since they drive vehicles are attacked at intersections pointing out women being more vulnerable as compared to their male counterparts.

He pointed out that another worrisome act in which of recent people have been attacked even inside public transport vehicles like buses and taxis. He went on to state that smash and grab of personal property is rife so much that it has become normal and routine.

“I once presented a motion before Parliament requesting government to reinstate the Botswana Defence Force (BDF)

patrols, which used to operate in the 1980s and 1990s,” Kgoroba said, “but sadly members of the ruling party made sure that it did not see the light of the day by collapsing the quorum every time it was brought to the floor.”

Kgoroba went on to accuse the Minister of Defence, Justice and Security, Shaw Kgathi of poor leadership stating to have long promised he would see to it that patrols were reinstated something that is yet to happen in three months’ time.

“Following this delay, residents of Mogoditshane have resolved to make arrangements to deliver a petition to the President, for Masisi to act on their wish that the BDF patrols be reinstated,” he added.

Furthermore, Kgoraba believes BDF patrols were the quickest possible solution to the challenge that the people of Mogoditshane are faced with whilst still dealing with reinforcing the police force and unemployment being a key proponent. Sharing crime statistics, Kgoroba said house breaking and theft remain a concern stating so far the village has recorded 295 cases as compared to 304 cases in 2018. 

He said as for burglary and theft the numbers now stand at 401 as compared to 415 during the previous year.

“Breaking into motor vehicles is also a worrisome incident with 295 cases as compared to 495 cases last year. People’s motor vehicles are broken into whilst parked and whilst waiting in traffic,” Kgoroba said. “Another worrisome social ill is rape which remains a concern in Mogoditshane with 171 cases recorded so far as compared to 150 cases in 2018.”

He said unlawful wounding is also a concern with the numbers now at 136 as compared to the 97 cases recorded last year.




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