By Isaiah Morewagae
Staff Writer
  • U.S. Embassy Botswana Joins Forces with partners to address GBV

    What does it mean for us to put anti-violence values into practice each day, in all aspects of our lives? What does it look like for the government, civil society, business, and every part of society to say that enough is enough – that we will no...

  • An opportunity to deepen trade and investment between the US and Botswana

    “The United States is all in on Africa,” President Biden affirmed during the U.S.-Africa Leaders’ Summit last December. Our stories have always been intertwined. Today we know that our success—the success of all our people, on both sides of...

  • Drunk Driving BDP Cllr To Be Sentenced Today

    Magistrate Dumisane Basupi convicted the 27-year-old councillor on a single count of driving a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol. Keakile pleaded guilty to the charge. After going through a test, the alcohol content in his blood was found...

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