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Barclays One Young World attendees eager to help communities

By Boitshepo Majube Mon 14 Oct 2013, 17:06 pm (GMT +2)
The Monitor :: Barclays One Young World attendees eager to help communities

Youths who recently attended the Barclays Bank sponsored One Young World (OYW) summit in Johannesburg, South Africa  say they are eager to use the skills they acquired from the conference to help local communities.

Founded in 2009 by David Jones and Kate Robertson, One Young World is a London-based charity that gathers young people from around the world, helping them make lasting connections to create positive change.

In interview with The Monitor Business, three attendees Kushata Chilisa, Emmanuel Kgangtumo and Botho Nonvula Ramongkga noted that at the summit they interacted with other delegates and debated and formulated solutions for the pressing issues the world faces.  The three said other delegates inspired them and they want to use that inspiration to help the local communities.

"We covered a lot of topics at the summit, ranging from Education, Health and Business", Kgangtumo said, noting that he was inspired to come back and create a mentorship programme. The planned mentorship programme is aimed at empowering students through tutorials and education awareness programmes.

Chilisa, who selected to go to the summit for her philanthropic work, said the summit gave them an opportunity to make a difference through listening to people from different communities. "Me and my friend are starting a youth centered foundation, aimed at helping the youth amongst our communities," she said. Chilisa revealed that they want to do it in partnership with Barclays, as they already have the commitment from Barclays Plc Chief Executive Officer, Antony Jenkins. 

Locally, Chilisa stated that they are targeting corporates that are willing to help in their course of giving back to the community. 

Ramongkga from Stepping Stones said the summit helped her to do things at international standards, which can be beneficial to the local communities.

"We would be joining hands with colleagues to further change the world the best way we know how", she said, adding that the presence of some inspirational people at the summit, like Koffi Annan and Sir Richard Branson inspired them further. 

  To date, almost four million people have been directly impacted by the work of One Young World Ambassadors. There are currently more than 130 projects and initiatives involving in excess of 100 countries.Barclays has entered into a three-year agreement with OYW as a sponsor.

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