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Sow Without Any Regret Nor Expectation- Fruits Will Be Abundant: Give

One day, a young couple met a young boy who was hungry and had no accommodation.

The wife had the desire to help the young man but the husband was against the wife’s intention because they were struggling financially and had only rent fare.

The husband then walked away leaving the wife with the young man. The wife then gave the young man all the money intended to pay the rental expense.

The boy was very happy and asked the woman what he could do to repay, but the woman said; “If you find anybody in need, just help them” and she gave the young man her charm necklace and left. After some years, the husband died and the unemployed wife could not service her mortgage loan hence their house was under foreclosure.

The repossession officer approached her with a mean attitude to push her to evacuate the building citing that a renowned Estate Investor has bought the property. While the repossession officer was talking, a mature man’s voice rebuked him at the back, saying that he should address the woman with respect since the house is under her ownership. The woman was as surprised as the repossession officer, and the Estate Investor, who was the man behind the officer, showed the two the documents to prove his comment.

He then approached the woman and told her that the young man she once helped against her husband’s will was him. The woman was very shocked and the Estate Investor took off the charm necklace and gave it back to the woman and said to her; “If you find anybody in need, just help them”.

There is nothing as powerful and life-changing like an act of giving. Giving is a sacrificial act of forgoing one’s needs to fulfil another person’s desires or perhaps a self-rewarding exercise that denies one their pleasures but rather satisfy their cravings/ ambitions and/ or dreams.

Giving is not only limited to materialistic possessions and it is not influenced by what possessions one has. It is an innate element that is initiated and influenced by grace in the spiritual realm. Giving is sowing in a soul’s world. The universe is in motion because of giving.

Giving is one of the most difficult acts to do because one is divorcing something they have bonded with over time while pursuing it. Despite whether what you

give out is tangible or not, it is attached to your soul and spirit. It takes courage to detach from such a bond and transfer it willingly to the other person.

Giving is a sign of love and love is selfless. We give our kindness, affection, time, money, resources, and gifts because we value and cherish those who extend ourselves to through the spirit of giving. 

The law of representation is pivoted on and maintained by giving. The law alludes that whatever you give out signify you even in your absence. Whenever the receiver looks at the gift, they think of you thus you would have left a piece of you with them as the giver. If you give someone a painful experience, whenever they think of pain, the first person to jar on their mind will be you.

Giving is cultivated by a sense of appreciation by the receiver. On a number of occasions, the people we extend ourselves to through giving do not feel any need to show some appreciation since they feel it is the rightful privilege they deserve and it is the giver’s responsibility to always give and care for them.

They take advantage of givers. When we do not show appreciation it saddens the giver and they eventually feel unrecognised and useless because there is no glory of gratitude. The givers might stop rendering an aiding hand like they have religiously been doing.

We ought to cultivate the giver’s heart and create an environment where giving is meaningful to both the receiver and the giver by showing a heart of gratitude. Gratitude keeps the soil moist for the seed to be able to germinate and grow strong. One seed gives birth to a bountiful harvest. An ungrateful soul is a barren soil; nothing grows and blossoms on it. For every fruit you eat, utilise the seeds so that you can eat it again tomorrow.

Kealeboga Ronald Ngwigwa is an Author of a book titled 50 SHOTS OF COLOR (found at Bala Book Store- Railpark Mall and Botswana Book Center- Main Mall), Motivational Speaker, Radio Feature Presenter, Events DC and Humanitarian who believes that there is greatness to be unleashed in all of us. Contact him on or +26773791677 for bookings.

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