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Mokgethi runs on little more than credibility

The Botswana Democratic Party’s (BDP) aspiring parliamentary candidate Anna Mokgethi urges voters to choose her as she says she is the only credible candidate who can offer solutions to their problems.

Mokgethi, who is running for Gaborone Bonnington North says the people are yearning for her representation in Parliament.

“They need a representative who will have enough time on his/her hands to (meet) their needs and interests.  Someone who will have an ear inclined to (listen to) their (reasonable wants and) needs.  Someone who will put forward motions and questions that represent their wishes and aspirations.  I am that person. I am equipped, I am qualified and I am up to the task of being their representative. If elected my full attention will be dedicated to Bonnington North while President Dr Mokgweetsi Masisi will be focusing on his duties.  I will not be playing a dual role and people will not be seeing me all over the place except in Bonnington North,” Mokgethi said.

She said Bonnington North has challenges including a high number of unemployed youths and some

of the constituents are trapped in a cycle of poverty. 

Mokgethi said some businesses do not require licences to operate, zoning laws have been eased such that one could now carry out commercial activities in their premises whereas previously one could only operate in areas zoned for commercial purposes.  

She continued: “There are some tourism-related developments in the offing in the future in Block 5 whereby residents of Bonnington North will be the principal beneficiaries of these upcoming projects.  Internal roads are not tarred and dust is posing a hazard to their health.  This is despite the fact that Bonnington North like all constituencies has been allocated the annual P10 million. Little is known of the developments into which the money has gone to”.

She said the streets lights in a large section of the constituency are not working and crime is high in the area.




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