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'Stable' AP to attract many to its fold - Mmolotsi

FRANCISTOWN: Wynter Mmolotsi says they are going to take advantage of the recent political climate to attract more Batswana to their party.

Addressing a press conference recently, Alliance the Progressives (AP) vice president and legislator for Francistown South, told scores of party lovers and journalists that the AP will remain intact despite other parties currently engaged in fights for political survival so that they could win more erlecotrates to the party.

He said that they were going to take advantage of the unstable political environment bedevilling other parties to win the next general elections.

“We all can see that currently political parties are unstable, but AP is the only stable party.  You are well aware that the ruling party over the past weekend experienced a split, which led to the formation of a new party called Botswana Patriotic Front (BPF) and that on its own is the beginning of serious obstacles against the BDP,” he said.

He also told the attendants that they were also aware of the problems besieging the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) who also had an unresolved matter with Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD). He added that the UDC matter was still before the courts and the case commenced earlier this year. It will resume on August 25, 2019, he said, but they were uncertain if the case will be concluded on the same date or not. “There is so much uncertainty of what is going to transpire on the matter and during the trial, one cannot attest that victory will be on their side, so there

is a possibility that on the 11th hour before elections, Sidney Pilane, will never allow the UDC to contest in their name while the case was still pending before the courts,” he said.

Mmolotsi also reminded the attendants of a case between Francistown West MP Ignatius Moswaane and Whyte Marobela who had a pending issue before the courts, which hindered Moswaane from contesting in previous elections. He added that there was an interdict barring Moswaane from contesting for the elections and as a result Dr Habaudi Hubona won the parliamentary seat for Francistown West.

From his point of view, there is uncertainty for UDC to succeed and looking at the fights gripping the BDP, Batswana need an alternative party, where peace and stability were guaranteed after general elections.

Mmolotsi said the AP would be an alternative party for Batswana with all the political brawls that are ongoing. He emphasised that as a political movement, they would continue to empathise with other political parties during their troubled times. “We are not going to make fun of other political parties during their difficult times because it is God’s doing, so let’s cry with them. Maybe it is God’s doing so that the AP can take over from the BDP,” he said. Mmolotsi encouraged party leaders to refrain from using abusive remarks when addressing political gatherings rather they should sell the party’s initiatives so that they attract more followers.





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