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Jago Beef Aims To Cast Net Wider

Jago Beef Director Phampa Baderedi showcasing LEA CEO Racious Moatshe the facility
Having noted a gap in the beef market industry, Omosa Gaompone saw it fit to start up her own beef abattoir and butchery, Jago Beef, in Palapye.

Jago Beef, which has been in existence for four years, serves the community of Palapye with slaughtering services. The business currently has a staff complement of over 45 that oversees the process of the entry of the cattle and makes sure it becomes a carcass.

Phampa Baderedi, one of the directors, said with an abattoir they offer their services to individuals and other butcheries. He said they take pride in the quality and wholesome beef they supply to the Central and Northeast districts. “We are proud of the service we offer and are one of the best abattoirs after Botswana Meat Commission to serve a wide area of the country with the services,” he said.

He added that like BMC they are planning on expanding their services to other parts of the world through exportation of their beef.

According to Baderedi, when they started there were 55 butcheries in the area, but are only servicing a minimum of 20.

He said they have

encountered some challenges just like any other business, which somehow affect their daily operations including their targets.

“We have a target of slaughtering 100 cattle a day, but we end up slaughtering 35 cattle per day due to the limited number of butcheries we have to supply,” he said.

The business operates from Tuesday to Friday only and does not open on Mondays to avoid slaughtering a minimum of 35 a day.  Baderedi further said in order for the business to be a success it all comes down to the number of cattle slaughtered in a period of a day or week.

“I would encourage Batswana to utilise the Local Enterprise Authority (LEA) services and training to grow their businesses to be sustainable enterprises,” he advised.

Jago Beef was registered with LEA in 2017 and has received a number of interventions that include market gap analysis, customer care coaching, record keeping, on-site coaching, monitoring and occupational health and safety training.




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