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Wednesday 21 February 2018, 17:14 pm.
Time We Respect Sanctity Of Life

The spate of murder cases around the country is worrisome. Where are we going as a society?
By Mmegi Editor Mon 22 Jan 2018, 16:42 pm (GMT +2)
The Monitor :: Time We Respect Sanctity Of Life

The society is faced with a monstrous challenge of individuals who seem to have lost respect for human life. Botswana used to be regarded as one of the safest countries in the world, but nowadays crime statistics, including murder seem to be skyrocketing.

Just last week a number of innocent people were murdered as a result of petty crime, arguments or whatever circumstances that drove these murderers to take life. It is common knowledge that Botswana has a small population, and if murder cases continue to rise, the country will ultimately lose productive individuals, which in turn will affect the country’s progress. It is becoming common for petty thieves to kill for items such as cellphones, money, and other household electronics.

Imagine someone losing their life over a cellphone, which costs a mere plus or minus P1,000.

Has the human life become so worthless to certain fellows? A cab driver was recently murdered for a measly P1,300. The man had a family to feed, and he seemed to be a law-abiding citizen with the potential to contribute meaningfully as a responsible member of society. The aforementioned murders add to the recorded 22 cases in a period of two weeks, running from December 18, 2017 to January 03, 2018. The police have revealed that most of the murder


cases happen as a result of lovers’ quarrels or arguments, which occur at drinking places.

The other issue is of course that of violent house break-ins, and snatch and run crimes. Just last week unknown assailants stabbed to death a young man who happened to be the son of  a well-known unionist, who served as president of one of the major unions in the country. While the police have not yet concluded their investigations into the matter, it looks like the two suspects described by eyewitnesses, probably robbed him of something as he was seen chasing them into the nearby bushes.

There is also the issue of the senseless murder of Mochudi East Member of Parliament, Isaac Davids, who was laid to rest in Mochudi on Saturday.  Yes, eyewitnesses disclosed that an argument ensued prior to the two herd boys suspected of murdering their boss stabbing him to death.

Another troubling issue, is that members of the society seem to be quite comfortable with being bystanders, and not assisting the victims in any kind of way.

Let’s introspect as a society and work together to come up with ways we can curb crime and save human life.  Each and every human being’s life is valuable and no one has a right to take another’s life.


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